Day: April 4, 2020

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City of Philadelphia


The Philadelphia Department of Public Health is sending texts and emails to contact individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19, or who may have come in contact with a person with COVID-19.

Individuals are asked to complete a brief survey to help the Health Department better understand and monitor the spread of COVID-19 in Philadelphia.  Questions address demographic details, signs and symptoms, and information about exposure history, travel, and hospitalization. Participation is voluntary.

Learn more about the City’s response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.



The City issued a new Business Activity and Stay at Home Order detailing restrictions on business activity, personal activity, and congregation in Philadelphia in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These new restrictions take effect Monday, March 23, 2020, at 8 a.m.

Please review the details in this new Order as they contain important information about Social Distancing Rules and provide detailed information

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Homepage | USCIS

ALERT: We implemented the Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds final rule nationwide on Feb. 24, 2020, including in Illinois where the rule was enjoined until the Supreme Court stayed the injunction on Feb. 21, 2020. The final rule applies to applications and petitions postmarked (or submitted electronically) on or after Feb. 24, 2020. For applications and petitions sent by commercial courier (such as UPS, FedEx and DHL), the postmark date is the date reflected on the courier receipt.

The Final Rule requires applicants for adjustment of status who are subject to the public charge ground of inadmissibility and certain applicants and petitioners seeking extension of stay and change of status to report certain information related to public benefits. Due to litigation-related delays in the Final Rule’s implementation, USCIS is applying this requirement as though it refers to Feb. 24, 2020, rather than October 15, 2019. Please read all references to

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D.C. Memo | MinnPost

Federal stimulus bill; Rep. Angie Craig’s HUMBLE Act gets new attention; Klobuchar’s husband sick with coronavirus infection; and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic in D.C.; Hagedorn on climate change; and more.

COVID-19 response; Omar challenger has email list from DCCC-linked firm; Trump’s FEC appointment; and more.

Klobuchar drops out; Biden wins Minnesota primary; McCollum seeks Boundary Waters study; and more.

This week: the upcoming South Carolina primary; Minnesota still has caucuses (kind of); and Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s background as a prosecutor.

Looking forward to Nevada; McCollum and AIPAC; the Democratic debate; and more.

Klobuchar’s New Hampshire finish; interview with Stephanie Schriock of Emily’s List; Rep. Angie Craig gets a bill passed; and more.

What happened in Iowa; impeachment update; the State of the Union; and more.

Klobuchar’s campaign; impeachment update; selling CBD; and more.

Impeachment update; Sen. Klobuchar campaigns; Rep. Omar as Progressive Caucus whip; and more.

Impeachment trial starts; Klobuchar

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MOTM: Bolton Wanderers 0-1 Portsmouth – Dennis Politic

I’m happy that Dennis has found his place back in the squad since the departure of Verlinden back to Stoke. While we do miss the Belgians direct running at times, Politic has been more than worthy of a replacement and that was especially on display yesterday against Portsmouth. He’s spent most of this season playing out wide with Darcy operating in the middle so it was interesting to see him given the free role in behind. I thought Darcy and Hamilton and him worked really well together and interchanged their roles behind the striker successfully throughout the first half, albeit without much joy.

The Romanian’s first half saw him sitting in behind Joe Dodoo looking for flicks and knockdowns in behind, as it was he only had one real opportunity of note. Immediately following the Portsmouth opener, a ball was knocked in behind for Politic to run onto but his

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The 10 best things government has done for us

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — “The government is the problem,” they say. “The government can’t create jobs.” Or: “The government should just get out of the way.” How many times over the past three — or 30 — years have you heard conservatives (and even a few liberals) say that there’s no role for government in fixing our economy?

They’re wrong, but this constant refrain is having an impact on our political system; it’s narrowing our options as we struggle with excessive unemployment, burdensome debt and wasted lives.

Since its founding, the U.S. has viewed providing free, public education as a basic duty.

Dorothea Lange, Department of Agriculture

As often as this anti-government cliché is repeated, few politicians actually believe it. Republicans are just as quick as Democrats to ask for federal funding for local projects — funds that they know improve the lives of voters. Despite what they say for political

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Mars Desert Research Station

MDRS Supplemental Operations Report 24-MAR-2020

Name of person filing report: Shannon Rupert

Reason for Report: COVID-19 Shutdown

Non-nominal systems: None

Action taken for non-nominal systems: n/a

Generator check, note if oil and coolant added: No generator in use

ScienceDome Dual Split: Operational, but not in use

Solar— Nominal, providing power 24 hours a day, avg. SOC 80% per day

Diesel Reading – 60 % (ordered lock for tank)

Propane Reading, main tank – 65 %

Propane Reading, director tank— 69%

Propane Reading, intern tank— ~70%

Ethanol Free Gasoline – 5 gallons

Water (Outpost tank) – 150 gallons

Water (static tank) – 350 gallons

Water (GreenHab) – 0 gallons

Water (loft) – full

Static to Loft Pump used – no

Water Meter: n/a

Toilet tank emptied: n/a

Notes and action taken on rovers: Rovers are stored in Hanksville

Monthly check and fill of rover batteries: Not done at this time,

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sister-in-law – Wiktionary



From Middle English suster-in-lawe; equivalent to sister +‎ in +‎ law.


sister-in-law (plural sisters-in-law)

  1. A female relative of one’s generation, separated by one degree of marriage:
    1. The sister of one’s spouse.
    2. The wife of one’s sibling.
  2. (less common) Co-sister-in-law: The wife of one’s sibling-in-law.
    1. The wife of the sibling of one’s spouse.
    2. The sister of the spouse of one’s sibling.

Usage notes[edit]

The plural sister-in-laws is occasionally seen, especially in American English, but this is considered incorrect by most sources; see, for example, [1].

Derived terms[edit]

Related terms[edit]


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What’s open, closed, will it affect you?

The government is closed – possibly for a “very long shutdown” according to President Donald Trump – but will it make a difference in your life?

The answer? It depends.

If you’re among the 800,000 government employees who are not deemed “essential,” you will feel the effects of the shutdown: You will either be furloughed or forced to work without pay until the standoff is resolved.

The shutdown, which began at midnight Saturday when Congress couldn’t agree on a spending plan that included $5 billion for Trump’s border wall, affects nine departments: Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, Interior, State, Transportation, Treasury and Housing and Urban Development, as well as several agencies. Six departments had budgets approved earlier.

What won’t be affected by the shutdown?

Flights. Air-traffic controllers and security officers still will be on the job even though the shutdown has begun.

Amtrak. The trains are run by a government-owned

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My Politic on Spotify

My Politic has created a storytelling masterpiece on 12 Kinds Of Lost, exploring the human condition through empathetic narratives against a backdrop of Appalachian-influenced Americana, Country & Folk music.

12 Kinds Of Lost is an anthology record with each song telling tales through a series of characters coping with heartache, depression, anxiety, detaching from roots, dealing with cancer and fighting addiction.

Like a 1-2 punch, Guffey is a raconteur of imagination while co-writer Nick Pankey is the grounding force that accentuates the songcraft. With tight harmonies and a workshop of instruments including Dobro mandolin, upright bass, fiddle, drums and more, the songwriting duo is surrounded by a band of skilled musicians.

Guffey and Pankey met in 2003 in the small town of Ozark, Missouri while playing in other musical projects. In 2006, My Politic was formed and at the age of 16, the boys recorded their first album,A Few Words

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