Day: April 5, 2020

UF Historic St. Augustine Inc.: Government House

Government House

By Janet Snyder Matthews Ph.D.

Photo: Linda Dixon, December 2010 Government House
dominates the west end of the Town Plaza, a unique Spanish land use component lying within a National
Historic Landmark District. Spain’s 1573 Law of the Indies, Leyes
de los Indies, specified that colonial
town plans set aside such a plaza for government, church and public use. Along coasts, plazas were to
begin at the waterfront – to see and to be seen. Since 1598, a government building has stood on this site
with a view of the harbor landing, accommodating administrative headquarters and residences of colonial
governors appointed by the Crowns of Spain, then Britain, then Spain again. After Spain ceded Florida
to the United States in 1821, this current Government House served as a courthouse and briefly as a
Capitol of the new Territory of Florida. In 1836, the building’s crenellated five-story tower and

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What is Autism? – Autism Society

Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental disability that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a “spectrum condition” that affects people differently and to varying degrees.

While there is currently no known single cause of autism, early diagnosis helps a person receive the support and services that they need, which can lead to a quality life filled with opportunity.

Characteristics & Diagnosis

Autism is characterized in the DSM-V by:

  1. Persistent differences in communication, interpersonal relationships, and social interaction across different environments

What this can look like: Being nonverbal or having atypical speech patterns, having trouble understanding nonverbal communication, difficulty making and keeping friends, difficulty maintaining typical back-and-forth conversational style

  1. Restricted and repetitive behavior, patterns, activities and interests

What this can look like: Repeating sounds or phrases (echolalia), repetitive

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What Does Our Government Do?

What does our government do?

What does our government do? I think lots of people do not realize all of the things government does. I fore on take for granted all of the things our government does.

How we love to hate our government. Have you really stopped to think about what our government actually does for us? Here is an incomplete list of 100 things of what our government does, or has done, for the American people.

What Does Our Government Do?


100 Things Government Does For Americans


Air Force




Art Galleries


Automobile Licensing


Automobile Safety


Bill of Rights


Business Incorporation


Border Protection


Coal Energy & Subsidies




Computer Research and Development






Countless Innovations for Everyday Life




Disaster Assistance


Disaster Recovery


Early Childhood Services


Elementary Schools


Environmental Protection


Export Trade


Fair Business Practices


Financial Aid


Fire Fighters


Fire Fighting


First Time Home Buyer


Flood Management


Food Safety


Food Stamps



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Ontario Historical Society :: Welcome

The 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot in the War of 1812
John R. Grodzinski, Goose Lane Press, 2014

Native Memoirs from the War of 1812: Black Hawk and William Apess
Carl Benn, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014.

Coffins of the Brave: Lake Shipwrecks of the War of 1812
Kevin J. Crisman, ed. Texas A&M University Press, 2014

The Pendulum of War: The Fight for Upper Canada, January-June 1813
Richard Feltoe, Dundurn, 2013

Fire Along the Frontier: Great Battles of the War of 1812
Alastair Sweeny, Dundurn, 2012

Tecumseh & Brock: The War of 1812
James Laxer, Anansi, 2012

Four Wars of 1812
D. Peter Macleod, Douglas & McIntyre, 2012

Ontario History: Special Double Issue on the War of 1812
Spring 2012, Vol. CIV, No. 1.
Ed. Thorold Tronrud, Published by The Ontario Historical Society.

The Call to Arms: The 1812 Invasion of Upper Canada
(Upper Canada Preserved

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The “Electoral Integrity Project” – Implementing “Democracy” and Regime Change in “Enemy Countries”




by Prof. Tim Anderson
March 16, 2015









A multi-million dollar

Australian Government funded

at the University of Sydney,

linked to Washington




A multi-million dollar Australian
Government funded project at the University of Sydney, linked to
spin doctors in Washington, is using a biased and secretive method
to help discredit elections in a range of ‘enemy’ countries.


The Electoral Integrity Project (EIP)
joins the United States Studies Centre (USSC), established in 2007,
as another heavily politicized initiative which compromises the
independence of Australia’s oldest university (see Anderson 2010).

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Doing Business with the Ontario Government

Modernizing the way we purchase goods and services

Ontario is taking a modern, efficient and transparent approach to eliminate redundancies and deliver simpler, faster, better services to the people of Ontario. Our goal is to get the best value for every public dollar that is spent, to protect what matters most.

Centralizing procurement across the Ontario Public Service and the broader public sector is one of the most forward-thinking ways to do that.

Where we’re at today

Every year, Ontario spends about $29 billion on goods and services ranging from pacemakers to bandages, to computer and IT hardware. The Ontario Public Service and organizations across the broader public sector – like hospitals and schools – buy those goods and services independently. Imagine how much could be saved if those purchases were purchased in bulk?

Our future process

By leveraging our massive buying power and streamlining how we work,

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Volume 22 Number 3 Winter 2017/18: The Independent Review: The Independent Institute

Volume 22  Number 3  • 

Winter 2017/18

All Issues:  

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New York Elder Care Lawyers | Estate Planning


This is a Web site where senior citizens, their families, attorneys, social workers, and financial planners, can access information about elder law, Medicare, Medicaid, Medicaid planning, guardianship, estate planning, trusts and the rights of the elderly and disabled.

This site focuses on New York elder law, New York Medicaid, New York guardianship law, New York estate planning.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order allowing for documents to be notarized virtually using audio-video technology. On March 20, 2020, Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order 202.7 effective through April 18, 2020.
See Governor’s Executive Order

Goldfarb Abrandt & Salzman LLP

For over 25 years the law firm of Goldfarb Abrandt & Salzman LLP has advocated for the elderly and people with disabilities. Concentrating in elder law, trusts & estates, and the rights of people with disabilities, we have aided countless families, attorneys, social workers and financial

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The Body Politic and the Body


ILHAM x SAM Project: The Body Politic and the Body

8 December 2019 – 12 April 2020 (Level 5)


ILHAM Gallery and Singapore Art Museum (SAM) present ILHAM x SAM Project: The Body Politic and the Body from 8 December 2019 to 12 April 2020. The first collaboration between ILHAM and SAM, it explores the many facets of contemporary art and its genealogies in Malaysia. The Body Politic and the Body is conceived as a dialogue between works and features 7 artworks from SAM’s collection alongside a new commission, artwork adaptations and loans from Malaysian artists. 

As the title suggests, the body is central to the exhibition, which explores the tension between the socio-political body of Malaysian society, imagined as a collective entity, and the individual, subjective body. From SAM’s collection, the exhibition includes Recollections of Long Lost Memories by Ahmad Fuad Osman, Bayu Utomo Radjikin’s

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Vendor Information Pages

This system is intended to be used by authorized VA network users for viewing and retrieving information only except as otherwise explicitly authorized. VA information resides on and transmits through computer systems and networks funded by VA; all use is considered to be understanding and acceptance that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy for any data or transmissions on Government intranet or Extranet (non-public) networks or systems. All transactions that occur on this system and all data transmitted through this system are subject to review and action including (but not limited to) monitoring, recording, retrieving, copying, auditing, inspecting, investigating, restricting access, blocking, tracking, disclosing to authorized personnel, or any other authorized actions by all authorized VA and law enforcement personnel. All use of this system constitutes understanding and unconditional acceptance of these terms. Unauthorized attempts or acts to either (1) access, upload, change, or delete information on this system,

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