Day: May 3, 2020

Pro-Bernie Trolls on Why They Harassed Nevada’s Democratic Chair

Democrats have been in a froth this week in the aftermath of Saturday’s contentious, and at times violent, Nevada state convention. As Rolling Stone reported Tuesday, Bernie Sanders supporters, incensed by the party’s handling of the proceedings — and the fact that Sanders failed to hold on to two pledged delegates he unexpectedly gained at the Clark County convention — clashed with Clinton supporters, who in turn called for the Sanders supporters’ arrest.

Pissed off Sanders supporters, watching the events unfold online from around the country, began circulating the personal contact information for state party chair Roberta Lange. As a result, Lange became the target of a barrage of harassment, including death threats and threats of violence sent via voicemail and text message. On Monday, the party shared many of those messages — notably, and perhaps regrettably, without redacting some of the senders’ phone numbers.

Rolling Stone spoke to several

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contemporary civilization collapses when the majority of its
institutions, ministers and political choices and actions turn out to
be harmful to the economy, education, health, justice and social

Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic

incompetence, falseness, lie, delirium, fanaticism, hypocrisy,
weakness, presumption, arrogance, totalitarianism and other similar
aspects are the only qualities that represent the Italian Prime
Minister and all his pool of Ministers.

Giuseppe Conte, Premier of Italy

Conte, the premier of Italy, whose arrogance and presumption clings,
as in a struggle in the mud, with his incompetence, who then in the
face of his own choices, actions and consequences, disastrous, points
the finger at the others, accuse and blame others. Here his feeling
of arrogance comes into play, at the highest levels, also calling on
the judiciary to help him fight against his own ghosts.

Conte, for these and other reasons, I would

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