Day: May 10, 2020

The Society Restaurant & Lounge

Offering Take Out Only Until Further Notice

Reggae Tuesday

Live music and DJ”s

Wine Down Wednesday

Half price bottles of wine and live entertainment all night!

Society Lounge

Good Food. Good People. Good Will.

Happy Hour Daily

Good Libations at the Right Price



Good News! The Society Restaurant & Lounge is still serving Silver Spring and the greater Washington area!

It’s that simple.  At The Society Restaurant & Lounge, we strive to incorporate those three key ingredients in everything we do.  Located in the heart of downtown Silver Spring, The Society Restaurant & Lounge is inspired by our deep love of food, people and community awareness.

The Society Restaurant & Lounge offers a chic dining experience accented by a sleek and modern atmosphere.  With a dynamic late-night scene, The Society Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect destination to transition from an intimate dinner into an exciting nightlife event.

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Open Government Training | Washington State

Welcome to the Open Government Training web page of the Office of the Attorney General.

General Information & Instructions

Click on the dropdown boxes below for “General Information and Instructions.” To take online training, scroll down to “Open Government Training Curriculum & Resources.” For sample documentation, scroll down to “Last Step: Training Documentation.”




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The 20 Best Free Government Smartphones 2020

Cell phones are part and parcel of our daily lives. At the very least, you will need a cell phone for text messaging, calling and data services. What’s more, cell phones play an important role when it comes to connecting us with friends and family. Regardless of distance, you can easily text message your loved ones or call to check on them.

Free government cell phones have made it possible for people who can’t afford phones to enjoy life. Given the digital age we live in, cell phones have become an important aspect of our lives not only in communication but myriad other functions such as reading the weather, news updates, listening to podcasts, taking photos and videos among a range of other activities.

Are there any questions around free government phones troubling you? If so, then worry no more. Today, we will set everything straight so that you don’t

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Your Business and the Law

Practice Area:

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