Napoleon: Politics in Napoleon’s Time

under the rule of Bourbon King Louis XVI was the envy of Europe.
During his reign beginning in 1774, France had more people
and wealth than any another nation on the continent. From
his glittering palace of Versailles, Louis XVI and his wife
Marie Antoinette pilfered France’s resources while their
people suffered.

the Atlantic in America, Great Britain’s thirteen colonies
declared their independence from the rule of King George III
on July 4, 1776. France, seizing the opportunity to regain
colonies lost to the English, entered the war and helped secure
American independence.

Jefferson drew upon the ideas of the Enlightenment —
the rationalist, liberal, and humanitarian trend in 18th-century
thought — in defining the rights and privileges of citizens
in the Constitution of the United States. Similar ideas had
planted firm roots in Europe. Enlightened despots such as
Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II, Catherine II of

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The Body Politic – Home


“This opera has a voice! …Timeless terms that speak to the role of storytelling as a means to understanding.” – Boston Globe

“If just one N.C. representative in the audience was affected in the way I was, Hurley and Osborne definitely succeeded.”
– The Daily Tar Heel

“I paid close attention to the songs, spotting several key phrases that resonated with my experience both in this skin and in this state.” – Independent Weekly, transgender critic

Democratic Rep. Verla Insko of Chapel Hill, among those in the crowd who gave the performers a standing ovation, said the cast still offered a compelling message through song that moves the discussion along about LGBT issues.” – Daily Mail, London

It certainly enhanced my understanding and my appreciation, too, of some of the issues that confront North Carolinians in these trying and difficult times.” – Classical Voice

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