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Volume 2

Expanded Contents


1. Introduction and Summary
2. The Concept of Field
3. Reality and the Intentional Field
4. Freedom and Intentional Humanism
5. Perceiving Another
6. Intentions, Attitudes, and Interests
7. Perceiving and Behaving
8. Behavior
9. Social Behavior and Interaction
10. Types of Social Interaction
11. The Equation of Social Behavior
12. The Transition to a Sociocultural Field
13. The Sociocultural Space
14. The Field of Social Forces
15. The Sociocultural Field
16. Distances
17. Status Distance
18. Status Distance and Behavior
19. The Fundamental Nature of Power
20. Social Power
21. The Family of Power
22. Social Fields and Antifields
23. Groups and Antifields
24. Class
25. Social Class And the Class-Literature
26. Conflict
27. Conflict in the Sociocultural Field
28. The Elements of Social Conflict
29. The Process of Conflict
30. Social Fields and Types of Societies
31. The

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The Body Politic
The Body Politic (Issue 1, Nov-Dec 1971, Toronto)
Categories LGBT
Frequency monthly
Publisher Pink Triangle Press
First issue November 1, 1975
Final issue February 1987
Country Canada
Based In Toronto, Ontario
Language English

The Body Politic was a Canadian monthly magazine, which was published from 1971 to 1987.[1] It was one of Canada’s first significant gay publications, and played a prominent role in the development of the LGBT community in Canada.[1]

The magazine was first published on November 1, 1971 by an informal collective, operating out of the home of Glad Day Bookshop owner Jearld Moldenhauer.[2] Many members of the collective had been associated with the underground publication Guerilla, which had been relatively gay-friendly but alienated some of its LGBT contributors when it altered Moldenhauer’s article about the We Demand protest of August 28, 1971.[1] At a September meeting of the

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What Game of Thrones teaches us about politics

WARNING: The first two paragraphs spoil arguably the two biggest plot twists in Game of Thrones. Also, winter is coming.

Fantastical as it is, George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, and the HBO series which has launched it into mainstream pop culture, is rooted firmly in the personal and political experiences of life. Martin is famous for holding no character above the world’s cruelties, and showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have remained loyal to the creed. Beheading the show’s ostensible lead and moral anchor, Lord Eddard Stark (played by Sean Bean), in the first season’s penultimate episode should be proof enough of that.

But Martin, Benioff, and Weiss resist the next cliché as well: Lord Stark’s firstborn son and heir, Robb, far from avenging his father’s death, is himself assassinated in even grislier fashion, along with his mother and his wife and unborn child. This scene, aptly referred

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Politician – Wikipedia

Politician sau om politic este o persoană cu un rol important în activitatea politică; reprezintă ocupația celui care își desfășoară activitatea principală în acest domeniu.

Există și politicieni care nu țin direct de vreun partid politic; aceștia se numesc „politicieni independenți”.

Politicienii sunt oameni care sunt activi din punct de vedere politic, în special în politica de partid. Pozițiile variază de la birourile locale la birourile executive, legislative și judiciare ale guvernelor regionale și naționale.[1][2] Unii ofițeri de poliție aleși, cum ar fi șerifii, sunt considerați politicieni.[3][4]

Conform lui Max Weber[5], un bun politician trebuie să aibă trei calități:

  • pasiune (Leidenschaft)
  • sensul răspunderii (Verantwortungsgefühl)
  • sensul proporției (Augenmaß)

Conform fostei senatoare australiene Vicki Bourne[6] calitățile necesare sunt:

  • să fie modest
  • să fie agreabil
  • să gândească strategic
  • să se specializeze
  • să aibă țeluri clare, care pot fi atinse
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