Commitment to Best-of-Class Service for Government

Your Government Agency Can Get Advanced Calling Features with Local Service and Support

Government Agencies, State, City, County, Towns, Municipalities, all benefit from secure cloud-based telephone services saving taxpayers money and gaining better control over unified messaging and communications.

Today’s educational organizations and government agencies face increasing pressure to be more efficient, more cost-effective and more innovative. And that’s where our cloud-based telephone services make the difference!

Unlike conventional phone systems that are costly to purchase and maintain, offer limited features and functions, and are inflexible when it comes to making changes or scaling, our cloud-based solution:

  • Delivers substantial ongoing cost savings year after year
  • Supports both an in-house and remote workforce
  • Is flexible, customizable and scalable to suit shifting needs
  • Safeguards devices and data through several integrated security and fraud management strategies
  • Provides advanced carrier-class features like auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email and much more
  • Uses multiple technologies to ensure business continuity and 99.99% guaranteed uptime
  • Is simple and easy to administer and monitor through a web-based portal
  • Allows FREE moves, adds and changes
  • Is backed 24/7/365 by best-of-class technical and end user support

Get the most reliable and economical cloud solution for your organization by contacting our Government/Schools specialists. Discover how we will help you be more efficient, more cost-effective, and more innovative!

Scheduling your free consultation is easy and fast. Simply give us a call at (336) 850-5400, or chat with us by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right side of this page.

Remember: there is no cost, no risk, and no obligation. You have nothing to lose, and we promise that you’ll learn MANY valuable things during your consultation that will benefit your business! .

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