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Our people are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason.

Our people are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our clients and contribute to the broader public.

The e-Government National Centre currently has a workforce of more than 400 staff including a wide variety of technical teams with many years of experiences in the field of IT Project Management, IT Operations and IT Service Management. The Government of Brunei Darussalam has pioneered a significant number of IT programmes and projects that have been applied government wide and our people have made direct and indirect contributions towards shaping these milestones.

At every step of our employees’ careers we invest in them, and ensure their interests remain focused on the long term. Our goals are to maximize individual potential, reinforce the EGNC culture and expand our people’s professional opportunities
As such, in line with the above objectives and in order to stay relevant, EGNC has created a Skills Framework called EGNC Competency Development Framework (EGNC CDF) as a means of defining IT core competencies for our staff and create roadmaps and learning and development plans where EGNC and our staff can recognize a pathway to success and improvement.

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