NGS Family History Conference |

Learn new strategies, resources, and techniques to sharpen your family history skills at the NGS 2020 Family History Conference.

The upcoming NGS 2020 Family History Conference will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah, and will offer the best and most expansive series of lectures to advance your research. Salt Lake City is easily accessible and has some of the best genealogical research resources in the US.

The NGS Family History Conference, 20–23 May 2020 is your opportunity to choose from more than 175 lectures presented by many nationally recognized speakers, explore an exhibit hall filled with more than 80 exhibitors, and network with more than 2,000 genealogists. Every NGS conference has a different theme with a new program top to bottom—so there is always more to learn and discover. Registration is now open.


The echoes of our ancestors resonate within us. Their voices, beliefs, cultures, choices, experiences, and traditions still influence the people that we are today. We carry their physical traits in our DNA, display some of their talents, and carry forward their occupations, religions, and associations. The choices our ancestors made—including their decisions to migrate and where to settle—bring their heritage and sense of community forward. Each of their unique experiences shaped their lives and reverberate in us.

The study of family history gives greater meaning and dimension to our lives. As the prior generations fade from view, our research work illuminates the pale echoes of the past and brings our ancestors back to life for future generations.

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