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2012 Open Government Plan Update

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In April of 2010, our Open Government Task Force assembled the Department’s first comprehensive Open Government Plan. Two years later, we’ve met many of our objectives and started new initiatives since the first 2010 release. This is our April 2012 update to our Open Government Plan.

Below you will find the original 2010 plan in an entirety. You may notice that the original text may list activities in the future tense. This release provides 2012 updates to the original plan in two sections. New initiatives are listed with “NEW for 2012” headings. Each of the original initiatives has a “2012 Update” box below each listing. We’ve chosen this format to make clear distinctions for the 2012 additions as well as 2012 updates to our original initiatives.

In summary for 2012, we are pleased to announce our three new flagship initiatives:

  • Transparency: Federal Student Integrated Student View
  • Participation: Public Challenges and Contests
  • Collaboration: Connected Communities of Practice

As well as the following additional initiatives:

  • Technical Assistance on Publishing and Sharing Data While Preserving Confidentiality
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Adult Education Programs
  • Civil Rights Data Collection
  • The Learning Registry
  • RSA Management Information System
  • Empowering Students and Families as Stakeholders and Collaborators
  • Data Strategy Team
  • .Gov Web Reform

Commitment to open government is essential to our operations and we are pleased to offer this 2012 update. We would like to hear your feedback on how we can be a better interface to the public. Please email us at [email protected] with your suggestions and comments.

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