Sierra Leone: Social Media-New Power of Political Influence

Social Media’s negative impact on political process isn’t just a matter of their content – which includes intentional misinformation and hate speeches directed toward certain groups. They have turned into a mechanism for political indoctrination, suggesting through sheer repetition that a certain cabal is threatening to take over the “World”.

Political leaders often view social media as a threat because it can provide the public with greater access to information. It also has the potential to mobilize and challenge leadership. Some other school of thoughts demonstrates how social media contributed to reinforcing existing power structures and dominant narratives.

Social media’s ability to break news in real time has transformed the way we absorb information.

Meanwhile, Politicians has used these forums to sway public opinion in their favor and so, Politicians from both sides of the aisle now represents the busiest accounting across social media forum.

Social media has now digitalized

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Bond Market’s Reflation Bets Face Risk of a Divided Government

(Bloomberg) — Even the bond bears are starting to wave warning flags about the degree to which markets are leaning toward a clear win by Democrat Joe Biden in next month’s presidential election, with his party also taking control of Congress.


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Not long ago, investors were bracing for volatility in the weeks after the Nov. 3 vote, given the risk of a contested outcome. But President Donald Trump has been trailing by double digits in some national polls, spurring speculation a Democratic sweep will pave the way for supersized fiscal spending.

That backdrop gave fresh impetus last week to bets on a reflating economy, pushing the yield curve to its steepest since June. And it also may be setting the market up for potential pain if the scenario doesn’t pan out.

“If current polling trends hold, the odds of ending up with a contested election should drop, and

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Keith Olbermann: the Amy Coney Barrett’s of the World Should Be Prosecuted

Former ESPN anchor Keith Olbermann had a normal one Thursday on his political YouTube show, embarking on a 14-minute vituperative journey which called for the (figurative?) prosecution and conviction of each and every archetype of authoritarian evil in his mind—the Amy Coney Barretts of the world included.

Olbermann said that this segment of the Worst Person in the World was a response to news of an alleged foiled plot by right-wing extremists to kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and put her on trial for “treason.” He said this plot was part of a larger scheme enabled and encouraged by President Donald Trump himself. While many—Whitmer included—assigned blame to the president and his rhetoric, Olbermann took things a step further: calling for the prosecution of every single person who has enabled to Trump to do that.

For Olbermann, the Whitmer story “fits into Donald Trump’s desperate attempts to retain the

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Zandile Gumede, accompanied by lawyer, to ANC integrity commission hearing

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Durban – Former eThekwini mayor and KZN MPL Zandile Gumede finally got her wish and brought along a legal representative to the hearing by the ANC provincial integrity commission.

Gumede on Tuesday appeared before the commission chaired by party veteran Sipho Magwaza to explain her role in the R430 million tender of 2017 that got her and 16 others (including eThekwini city manager Sipho Nzuza) arrested and charged with fraud and corruption.

A confidant of Gumede told Independent Media she was eventually allowed to bring a lawyer to assist her during the high-stakes hearing. This was after the ANC said she could not do so as the hearing was not a criminal process.

“Yes, she was finally able to bring in her lawyer. Right now she is at the provincial headquarters (in Durban) where the hearing

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Achieving a functioning society |

Achieving a functioning society

When a government controls both the executive and legislative functions, it is easy to pass any law that they want. For example, the law on anti-terrorism has been passed with the justification that it is an effective law. What does effective mean? It depends on what we actually mean.

The other concept in law is the rule of law. Do these two concepts need to be opposite of each other? Or can we say that, in fact, for laws to be effective we must have a society that adheres to the rule of law.

According to Professor Alan Macfarlane: “One index of effectiveness is whether there is the rule of law but what does this mean? It could be interpreted as people being prepared to settle disputes through legal processes rather than by force. In most societies people fear and hate the law, or believe

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Pope Francis’ Response to Current Global Political Realities| National Catholic Register

The recent encyclical of Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti (FT), is another literary behemoth. Its massive size means that, upon an initial reading, it is not possible to take in all of the specific items covered — from immigration to criminal justice to war and peace. It might be better, then, to situate FT broadly in the tradition of Catholic social teaching, in light of the Holy Father’s own magisterium and as a response to current global political realities. 

Eight years in to his pontificate, the Holy Father has evidently decided that bigger is better, producing relatively few magisterial texts but of truly gigantic size. Pope Francis has now authored four of the five longest documents in the entire history of the papacy: Amoris Laetitia (approximately 60,000 words), Evangelii Gaudium (52,000), Fratelli Tutti (45,000) and Laudato Si (42,000).

Staggering length combined with sprawling reach renders it difficult for any particular element

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Lawyer blames RCMP for delays in case

By Lethbridge Herald on October 7, 2020.

Delon Shurtz

Lethbridge herald

A Calgary lawyer is blaming the RCMP for repeated delays in a criminal case that goes back to January.

Jessica Cartwright said Tuesday during a court hearing for her client, Jessie Hugh Flett, that she has requested nine separate pieces of disclosure from the police but has only received one. Cartwright told Judge Jerry LeGrandeur that until she receives the rest of the information, she is unable to determine whether the matter needs to go to trial.

Cartwright added the Crown has suggested the delay is caused by a “resource issue” in the Pincher Creek RCMP detachment.

Crown Prosecutor Lisa Weich said her office has forwarded Cartwright’s requests to the RCMP and have asked to receive the information “as soon as possible.”

The matter was adjourned to Nov. 3, but Judge Jerry LeGrandeur said if the information has

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Government wants to protect details of RCMP raid on Montreal company linked to China

Pen Sovan wearing glasses and smiling at the camera: Former McGill University professor Ishiang Shih.

Former McGill University professor Ishiang Shih.

The Canadian government has gone to the Federal Court in an attempt to protect “sensitive” information about the raid of a Quebec company that was searched by the RCMP as part of an investigation into the alleged diversion of technology with military uses to China.

RCMP officers searched JYS Technologies in Brossard, Que., in 2018. They were acting at the request of the FBI, which was looking for evidence of money-laundering, fraud and the procurement and export of U.S. technology and defense information.

Two years later, the federal government is now trying to stop the release of details of that search.

In court documents obtained by Global News, the Department of Justice argued that disclosing parts of the case would harm Canada’s international relations, national defence, or national security.

A lawyer representing the company and its key director, Ishiang Shih, declined to comment on

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Over 50s Cry Foul Over Society’s Creeping Ageism

Over 25 million people in the UK – that’s just shy of 40% of the population – are aged over 50. But despite their numbers, many of them feel they are represented poorly in society, especially when it comes to sectors such as fashion, sports and business.

SunLife, a financial services company serving the over 50s market, says ageism is a problem that needs to be tackled by product and service providers alike. Its Retiring Ageism report says companies risk neglecting an important and potentially lucrative demographic.

Fashion is seen as the worst offender, with 56% of those surveyed saying they felt that the fashion industry as a whole does not represent their age bracket well.

It was followed by sports (52%), business (43%) and cosmetics (35%) while 36% of the 2,000 people surveyed for the report said they felt brands in general do not advertise or market to

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Article: US Is the Top Human Rights Violator in the World, and It’s Not Even Close

Republished from The American Herald Tribune

Few things are more politicized and distorted in the United States than the subject of human rights. Over the last two generations, the U.S. political class and its conduits in the corporate media have weaponized human rights to serve an imperialist agenda. NGOs such as Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International tend to focus much of their time crafting human rights narratives on matters of critical importance to the U.S. Department of State. Syria, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and a host of countries have been condemned by these organizations for alleged human rights violations. Since 2018, China has been targeted for the same treatment.

China is accused of detaining millions of Xinjiang-based Uyghurs in “concentration camps.” Thanks to Ajit Singh and The Grayzone, we know that the sources for these allegations are far from reliable. We know that the principle

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