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Aura: okay that was reeeaaally creepy

Jan 22, 2014 11:16:34 GMT -5

khipmunk: haha!

Jan 22, 2014 11:19:16 GMT -5

khipmunk: :-S uwahh so many lovely icons!

Jan 22, 2014 11:19:43 GMT -5

Aura: B-|I spent so much time replacing the icons. I want this site to be perfect.

Jan 22, 2014 11:28:36 GMT -5

khipmunk: I think the site is going to
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Law Firm Authority

lawfirmauthorityConducting a business with an online presence is extremely challenging. There is a huge competition out there, and unless you are able to maintain that ‘floating line’, competition will literally destroy you. Even though you conduct a trustworthy, and highly reputable law firm, if you do not implement some good marketing strategies you will only find yourself at the end of the line in search engine rankings. You need people to find you quickly and easily, based on searches using important keywords…what you need are the best Law Firm Authority strategies that will help you take your business to the top of the list in search engine results.

lawfirmauthorityHow is that possible? Well, you need to hire the services of the best legal marketing expert. He will conduct a thorough research, see were you are standing, and then come up with the most aggressive strategies and tactics that will push

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Nigeria: Every Government Needs a Vibrant Civil Service, Says Niger Governor

Niger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, has said that every government needed a vibrant workforce that will push its policies and programmes for the overall development of the society.

Governor Sani Bello made the remark in Minna yesterday in a statement released to mark this year’s Workers Day.

In the statement signed by Mary Noel Berje his Chief Press Secretary, Bello noted that civil servants were also “pivotal to the success of policy implementation of any administration

“Every government needs a vibrant workforce, therefore priority attention must be accorded to the critical role the civil service plays in good governance, because it has the onerous duty to execute government’s policies and programmes

“The impact of government’s policies and programmes on the citizens is determined by whether they have been implemented excellently or shoddily. This in turn depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the civil service,” Bello further said.

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Commitment to Best-of-Class Service for Government

Your Government Agency Can Get Advanced Calling Features with Local Service and Support

Government Agencies, State, City, County, Towns, Municipalities, all benefit from secure cloud-based telephone services saving taxpayers money and gaining better control over unified messaging and communications.

Today’s educational organizations and government agencies face increasing pressure to be more efficient, more cost-effective and more innovative. And that’s where our cloud-based telephone services make the difference!

Unlike conventional phone systems that are costly to purchase and maintain, offer limited features and functions, and are inflexible when it comes to making changes or scaling, our cloud-based solution:

  • Delivers substantial ongoing cost savings year after year
  • Supports both an in-house and remote workforce
  • Is flexible, customizable and scalable to suit shifting needs
  • Safeguards devices and data through several integrated security and fraud management strategies
  • Provides advanced carrier-class features like auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email and much more
  • Uses multiple technologies to ensure business continuity
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Gamer Joker / Gamers Rise Up / We Live in a Society


Gamer Joker, also known as Gamers Rise Up and We Live in a Society, is an image macro series featuring depictions of the DC Comics supervillain Joker accompanied by intentionally edgy or cringeworthy captions. The memes typically praise video game enthusiasts and criticize women named Veronica who friendzone them in favor of dating “jocks”. Examples of the meme are frequently submitted to the Gang Weed Facebook page.


In early April 2015, an image macro of the Joker with the caption “When the nice guy loses his patiance (sic) / the devil shivers” was submitted to 9gag, where it gathered upwards of 38,600 points and 520 comments over the next three years.

WHEN THE NICE GUY LOSES HIS PATIANCE THE DEVIL SHIVERS Joker fictional character supervillain joker

The earliest known image macro associating Joker with gamers was submitted to a “cringe thread” 4chan’s /lit/ board on May 2nd, 2017. The image featured a screencap of Joker (played by Jared Leto) from the

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Creating a Government Flashcards | Quizlet

Creating a Government Flashcards | Quizlet


principle that aims at keeping the government’s power small dividing power and holding government officials to the laws.
process of limiting the powers of each branch by giving each branch the power to check to balance them out.
Articles of Confederation: weaknesses
1. No power to tax.
2. No power to raise an army.
3. No national executive or national courts.
Farmers who fought in the Revolutionary War were never paid for their service because the government didn’t have the power to raise taxes to pay them. Tax collectors then asked them to pay their debts.
Shay’s Rebellion: Description
A farmer and veteran named Daniel Shays led a rebellion when several farmers were thrown in jail for not paying their taxes. They stormed a courthouse and an arsenal. Because the government couldn’t raise and army, Massachusetts had to send its own.
It revealed that
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  Amounts in $ trillion FY 2019 FY 2020  
Federal Spending 4.45 4.79
Intergov. Transfers -0.71 -0.78
State Spending 1.91 1.98
Local Spending 2.06 2.14
Total Spending 7.70 8.12
Spending: actual budgeted guesstimated

Total US government spending includes federal, state, and local government spending net of
intergovernmental transfers.

Intergovernmental Transfers are federal spending transferred to state and local govenments. State and local spending is guesstimated.
Latest state data: FY 2018; latest local data: FY 2017.

We have total spending data (federal+state+local) going back to 1820. Individual
state and local spending data going back to 1957.

  Spending Functions FY 2020  
Pensions inc. SoSec $1.51 trillion
Health care $1.8 trillion
Education $1.34 trillion
Defense $1 trillion
Welfare $0.46 trillion
Protection $0.31 trillion
Transportation $0.36 trillion
Gen. Government $0.21 trillion
Other Spending $0.63 trillion
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