Regional & Local Government Responsibilities

Regional & Local Government


Area Municipality Responsibilities

The Regional Municipality of Durham
was created on January 1, 1974 as a Regional Government in the Province of
Ontario under The Regional Municipality of Durham Act, 1973 of the Ontario
Legislature. The Region is one of five Regional Governments of the GTA
established by the Province of Ontario. The Act provided for the formation
of the eight area municipalities (the City of Oshawa, the towns of Ajax,
Pickering and Whitby; the Municipality of Clarington and the Townships of
Brock, Scugog and Uxbridge), by the annexation and amalgamation of
twenty-one former local municipalities in the Counties of Ontario,
Northumberland and Durham.

The Regional system of government
is comprised of two levels of government which has been designed to meet
the complete challenges of the day. The Regional Municipality of Durham is
the first level and the eight area municipalities constitute the second
level of the two-tier system of local government.

The Region and its eight area
municipalities work together to respond to the challenges posed by a
diverse and expanding municipality. The regional system has the advantages
of remaining close to the people and responsive to their needs, while
permitting a region-wide approach to planning and urban development, and
delivering required services. By having strong fiscal management, the
Region is able to ensure efficient allocation of resources and cost
effective service delivery.

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The Regional Corporation has sole
responsibility for the following:

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