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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Official Australian Government information

This site is regularly updated to give you the latest Coronavirus news, updates and advice from government agencies across Australia.

Essential information

Updated: 4:30pm AEDT on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

  • The Australian Government has begun sending text messages to keep you informed about the national response to COVID-19. Please act on that advice, it will help save lives.
  • Tighter restrictions on weddings, funerals, fitness classes, beauty salons, arcades, play centres and more from 11:59pm, 25 March. Read more.
  • Pubs, licensed clubs and hotels (excluding accommodation), places of worship, gyms, indoor sporting venues, cinemas, casinos must close. Takeaway only at restaurants and cafes. Supermarkets, and pharmacies remain open. Read more
  • Tasmania, the NT, WA, Queensland and SA announced border closures. Anyone entering is to self-isolate for 14 days. See specific State and Territory Government sites for information.
  • JobSeeker Payment claims can be submitted online 24/7. Online service capacity is being increased.
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Australian Politics



June 26-29 2019

Homofascism: the belief that, in the interests of inclusiveness, people should lose their job for having an unpopular religious belief.

Support among the Australian public for Rugby Australia firing Israel Folau appears to be ultimately based on the view that his comments were ‘not inclusive’. Rugby Australia cited a violation of it’s inclusiveness policy in justifying excluding him from the game. The hypocrisy of supporting real harm (losing a job) in exchange for harm that cannot be demonstrated (statements about the afterlife) seems lost to such people. Alternatively, many people offer a technical, contractual justification. Ignoring that the contractual justification rests on an inclusiveness policy, this also fails the reciprocity test. If the situation were reversed and the majority of the population were reactionary, conservative and religious, would those who now support Folau losing his job on technical grounds also support someone losing their job

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