Proposed changes to California’s AB 5 await state lawmakers

Critics of California’s new law limiting the use of independent contractors don’t just want legislators to take a second look at a handful of fiercely debated provisions. They want a series of potential do-overs — some to make small revisions to the law and others that would go as far as repeal it.

Those efforts, many of which began long before Assembly Bill 5 was signed last year by Gov. Gavin Newsom, signal a second consecutive year of sharp focus on labor law in Sacramento. Public interest is especially high this time, as some app-based technology companies prepare to ask voters to rewrite AB 5 to give special treatment to their industry.

In all, 34 separate pieces of legislation related to AB 5 were introduced in the Legislature in the last seven weeks. Most of the bills would expand the list of occupations not required to be considered an employee

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