ABA Urges States to OK Limited Law Practice Without Bar Exam (1)

The American Bar Association Board of Governors approved a resolution late Tuesday that urges states to immediately adopt emergency rules authorizing recent law graduates unable to take a bar exam because of the coronavirus pandemic to engage in limited practice of law.

The ABA board resolution seeks to allow 2019 and 2020 graduates of association-approved law schools to practice under the supervision of a licensed attorney, if the July bar exam in their jurisdiction is canceled or postponed due to concerns about the virus, according to an ABA statement. The group’s recommendation also extends to judicial law clerks who graduated in prior years.

State bars already have been considering different types of fixes to deal with scheduled July bar exam dates. Some states have already postponed their scheduled July bar exam, while others are considering a delayed summer exam date, only allowing small test-taker groups, or enacting “emergency diploma privileges,”

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