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Lessons From an Animal Cruelty Case In the U.S. Supreme Court

by Sherry Colb

FindLaw columnist and Cornell law professor Sherry Colb discusses an important First Amendment and animal cruelty case that the Supreme Court recently decided to review. The case involves the constitutionality of a statute through which Congress responded to the phenomenon of “crush” videos, in which a woman tortures and slowly kills animals to appeal to those with a sexual fetish for watching such abuse. However, as Colb notes, in the case the Court will review, Robert J. Stevens was convicted not of any crush-video offense, but of filming and distributing violent videos of pit-bull fights and pit-bull attacks. After the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit struck down Stevens’s conviction on First Amendment grounds, the Supreme Court opted to take the case. Colb covers the key First Amendment precedents that may influence the Court’s

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Government Center Plaza Boston, also known as City Hall Plaza

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In the late 1950s, fifty-six acres of downtown Boston were demolished in an
urban renewal project. Many old granite and brick buildings were torn
down and replaced with the John F. Kennedy Towers, Center Plaza, and
the new Boston City Hall. Adams Square and
Scollay Square were completely
eliminated. Scollay Square had evolved into a burlesque area, which helped justify flattening the entire square.

The architectural theme of Government Center was that of an Italian piazza. The open air plaza would
flow into the new Boston City Hall building. Public business would be conducted in the lower levels, and city business
would be conducted in the higher floors. The most important city functions would
be in the highest floors, overlooking the plaza.

Government Center Plaza

Occasionally a master plan does not live up to expectations. Someone once remarked,
made politically correct by this author: “If Boston

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