Federal Government looking into reports Chinese energy providers told to stop importing Australian coal

The Federal Government is looking into reports that Chinese state-owned energy providers and steel mills have been told to stop importing Australian coal.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said he had seen the reports, and that the Government had reached out to China for more information.

“We don’t have evidence to verify those reports,” he said.

“We have certainly been in touch with Australian industry and have been working to seek a response from Chinese authorities in relation to the accusations that have been made publicly.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said China does sometimes change its import demand based on how much coal it is receiving domestically.

“It’s not uncommon for domestic quotas to be in place in China,” he said.

“We’re looking at those reports and obviously raising the issues with the relevant authority.”

The reports state that two steel mills, one in north-east and one in south China, were

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Report: Chinese rights lawyer has his license revoked

Aug. 21 (UPI) — A Chinese human rights lawyer who was arrested in 2015 in a nationwide crackdown has had his license confiscated after a career of defending political dissidents.

Xie Yang, one of more than 200 people who were detained in 2015, has had his license revoked by the Justice Department of Hunan Province, the South China Morning Post reported.

The notice of the decision, posted last week, claimed Xie was being penalized for “disrupting court order,” according to the report.

On Thursday, the human rights lawyer said he would try to overturn the order.

“The reasons [the department] cited happened in 2015, and this was already beyond the legal period,” he said. “They could not punish me with these charges.”

Xie pleaded guilty to subversion in December 2017, and authorities agreed to exempt him from additional penalties after delivering a three-year prison sentence. Xie was released after being

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Cannibalism and the Chinese Body Politic: Hermeneutics and Violence in Cross-Cultural Perception

    One question that always stymies us–that is, why cannot people eat people?

    Zhu Yu

  1. Rumors of cannibalism began to circulate over the internet during the early
    months of last year (2001), typically accompanied by graphic photos of a Chinese
    man calmly chewing on what appears to be a dismembered human fetus (see Figure 1),
    together with sensational commentary along the lines of:

    What u are going to witness here is a fact, don’t get scared !” It’s
    Taiwan’s hottest food…” In Taiwan, dead babies or fetuses could be
    bought at $50 to $70 from hospitals to meet the high demand for grilled
    and barbecued babies … What a sad state of affairs!! (“Fetus”)

  2. These internet rumors began to achieve a modicum of legitimacy in
    mid-March, when
    the small Malaysian tabloid Warta Perdana fed a growing
    international controversy in reporting that a certain Taiwanese restaurant was
    serving a dish consisting of

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