Opinion | 7 ways Trump and his cabal are using government to corrupt the election

Quick: What do all these things have in common?

The answer: In all these cases, Trump isn’t just stating claims. He and his cronies are also corruptly manipulating the levers of your government to make them into truths, or inflate them into issues that will garner news coverage that helps him in some way, or both.

Because the crush of governmental manipulation to serve Trump’s personal and political ends is so relentless, we often focus only on isolated examples as they skate past.

But we need to connect the dots. Taken together, they tell a larger story that is truly staggering in its levels of corruption:

Rushing coronavirus treatments. The New York Times just reported that scientists inside Trump’s own government are warning that the White House is laying the groundwork to increase pressure to approve a vaccine before Election Day, “even in the absence of agreement on its effectiveness

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Corrupt Government

There is no entity that is
more obnoxious than government. No entity kills more. No entity plunders
more. No one entity violates more individual rights more often, with more
impunity. And none spews more propaganda and lies. History proves this
beyond a shadow of a doubt. Be it a monarchy, oligarchy, union of
socialist republics, or a communist Nation-State like the people’s
republic of china, you can rest assured that a big powerful government
will be the bane of Liberty every time. It has always been this way.
Government must be checked. Bureaucrats must be resisted. They must be
over-ruled. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The tree of liberty must be
refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is
its natural manure”.

Often people think that
government corruption involves certain government employees (or elected

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