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The 10 best things government has done for us

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — “The government is the problem,” they say. “The government can’t create jobs.” Or: “The government should just get out of the way.” How many times over the past three — or 30 — years have you heard conservatives (and even a few liberals) say that there’s no role for government in fixing our economy?

They’re wrong, but this constant refrain is having an impact on our political system; it’s narrowing our options as we struggle with excessive unemployment, burdensome debt and wasted lives.

Since its founding, the U.S. has viewed providing free, public education as a basic duty.

Dorothea Lange, Department of Agriculture

As often as this anti-government cliché is repeated, few politicians actually believe it. Republicans are just as quick as Democrats to ask for federal funding for local projects — funds that they know improve the lives of voters. Despite what they say for political

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Buying Government Cheese | ThriftyFun

Question: Where Can I Buy Government Surplus Type Cheese?

How do I get my hands on some “Government Cheese”? Thirty years ago, I tasted some government cheese and loved it. It was a rich, yellow cheese with more protein per ounce than most public cheese. How do I get some?

By ‘Miss’ Bonnie from Denver, CO


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I had the free cheese years ago, too! I have been buying “Fields” brand pre-sliced cheese in the 5 pound blocks. They also have it unsliced. I buy the sliced block and it lasts for a month at our house. It is the best and the closest to the govt. kind. They also sell it in 2.5 lb blocks. I get it at IGA, and use to get it at Sav a Lot. Good Luck!

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Meaning of Government by Lexico

Pronunciation /ˈɡʌv(ə)nˌm(ə)nt/ /ˈɡʌvəm(ə)nt/


  • 1treated as singular or plural The group of people with the authority to govern a country or state; a particular ministry in office.

    ‘the government’s economic record’

    ‘successive Labour governments’

    • ‘We have seen successive governments and home secretaries promise to be tough on crime.’
    • ‘He was to form no less than fourteen governments as Prime Minister during the rest of his life.’
    • ‘They have never had much faith in governments and have always believed in direct action.’
    • ‘But we need to build a movement so strong that it can force the governments of the world to act.’
    • ‘In truth the problems facing the American and British governments are of their own making.’
    • ‘We are of the view that governments are there to serve the needs of the people and maximise the benefits for all.’
    • ‘We know that people have worked hard for
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Office of Open Government

The Office of Open Government is charged with providing both the Executive Office of the Governor and each of Florida’s agencies with guidance and tools to serve Florida with integrity and transparency.

On January 8, 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 19-11 re-establishing the Governor’s Office of Open Government. The order states, in part:

The Governor’s Office of Open Government, in coordination with the General Counsel, will (1) facilitate Floridians’ right to access the public records of the Executive Office of the Governor; (2) establish and maintain a website providing information on readily requesting public records; and (3) provide routine training for employees within the Executive Office of the Governor regarding Florida’s public records and sunshine laws.


Request a Public Record

The Governor’s Office of Open Government processes requests for records within the custodianship of the Executive Office of the Governor. To request records from another state agency, please

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4 Ways to Address a Letter to a Government Official

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To address a letter to a government official, first you need to find the official’s name and titles, which help to demonstrate respect when addressing your letter. Then, find their address by searching online for their name and the phrase “mailing address,” or check USA.gov for a list of addresses for many officials. When writing the envelope, include their full name, titles, and official address clearly and legibly on the front, and be sure to write your return address in the top left corner.

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Open Government | Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

envelope image - link to sign-up Sign up to receive PBGC’s Open Government updates

Welcome to the PBGC’s Open Government webpage. This page includes important PBGC data sets and information about how the American public can provide input to make PBGC even better and more engaging. The information on this page complements the many other Federal agency data sets located at data.gov.

Achieving Efficiency, Transparency, and Innovation through Reusable and Open Source Software (M-16-21), OMB’s Federal Source Software Policy requires federal agencies to “ensure that an appropriate alternatives analysis has been conducted before considering the acquisition of an existing commercial solution or a custom-developed solution.”

This memo also requires agencies to publicly post this policy. PBGC’s Alternatives Analysis Standard and Methodology defines the Corporation’s approved process for identifying and recommending an information technology (IT) solutions and products that are the best overall fit for PBGC use.

PBGC welcomes input on these data sets and other ways

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Department of Government | New Mexico State University

Coronavirus and Continuity of Classes Online

IMPORTANT: For all the most reliable and updated information on the coronavirus pandemic, access to public health services in New Mexico and the continuity of classes online, please see the NMSU website here


March 27, 2020

Dear Students,

Please know that the faculty and staff of the Department of Government are ready to support you and answer any questions you have as we transition to the online delivery of classes for the rest of this semester. This is a challenging time and we will come through it together. Please stay connected and do not hesitate to contact your professors or me if you have any concerns. For updated information about grading, advising and student support services, see Dept of Govt Update 03 27 20.

Best wishes.

Dr. Neil Harvey
Professor and Academic Department Head
Department of Government
[email protected]


Advising for Summer and Fall 2020

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Guide: Citing U.S. Government Publications

Government documents can be confusing to cite. They can take the form of anything from an informational pamphlet to a Congressional debate and everything in between. Unlike standard publications, these documents do not necessarily follow the pattern of author, title, publisher, date. This guide will try to help you get started building your citation, but if you get stuck, contact a librarian of Government Information, Maps, and Microforms Services.

Where available, we have included a link to a digital version of the item we are citing so that you can see where we are pulling our information from. Pretend that these are the actual physical objects because there are special rules for citing electronic sources. (If you are not affiliated with IUB, these objects may be unavailable to you.)

We based this guide largely on Garner and Cheney’s The Complete Guide to Citing Government Documents: A Manual for Writers &

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CanadaInfo: Government in Canada

The Constitution of Canada divided the responsibilities of the Government into federal and provincial jurisdictions. It also provided for the possibility of the provincial governments to delegate some of its responsibilities to one or more municipal governments.

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including this image.

The Federal Government is seated in Ottawa and is headed by the Governor General of Canada on the advice of the Prime Minister. Its responsibilities include:

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  • defence,
  • criminal law,
  • employment insurance,
  • postal service,
  • census,
  • copyrights,
  • trade regulation,
  • external relations,
  • money and banking,
  • transportation,
  • citizenship, and
  • Indian affairs.

The Consitution also specified that every issue not mentioned as belonging to the provincial or territorial governments comes under the power of the Federal Government. For more information on the Government of Canada, please continue on to the Federal Government page.


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Government and Mining Organisations

*AIMM (Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy)

*AIP (Australian Institute of Petroleum)

*ACA (Australian Coal Association)

*AMEC (Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Inc.)

*AME (Australian Mineral Economics)

*AMF (Australian Mineral Foundation)

*APPEA (Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association)

*ASEG (Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists)

*Austmine (Australian mining equipment and export services association)

*Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy

*Australian Drilling Industry Association Ltd

*Australian Gas Assocation

*Australian Gold Council

*Australian Institute of Geoscientists

*Australian Minerals & Energy Environment Foundation

*CMTE (Cooperative Research Centre for Mining Technology & Equipment)

*Consulting Surveyors Australia

*IEAust (The Institution of Engineers Australia)

*GSA The Geological Society of Australia

*Mining Hall of Fame

*MCA (The Minerals Council of Australia)

*NSW Minerals Council

*PESA (Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Ltd. – Vic/Tas Branch)

*QEC (Queensland Exploration Council)

*QRC (Queensland Resources Council)

*QMEA (Queensland Minerals and Energy Academy)

*sacome (South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy)


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