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03/16/2020 –
Judicial Branch Law Libraries closed until further notice

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04/29/2020 – Connecticut Law about
Municipal Taxes

04/24/2020 – Connecticut Law about Answer
to a Complaint

04/24/2020 – Connecticut Law about

04/23/2020 – Connecticut Law about Death of a Party in a
Civil Action

03/12/2020 –

Motion to Dismiss

03/10/2020 –

Child Custody Actions in Connecticut

03/09/2020 –

Collection of Delinquent Property Taxes in Connecticut

03/05/2020 –

Marriage in Connecticut

02/27/2020 –
Connecticut Law
about Quarantine (Public Health)

02/21/2020 –

Enforcing Money Judgments

02/11/2020 –

Parental Kidnapping and Custodial Interference

02/03/2020 –

Foreclosure of Condominium Liens in Connecticut


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Virtual Law Library

The Law Library and Immigration Research Center (LLIRC) is at the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s headquarters.

New Additions to the VLL

  • Federal Register – Determination Pursuant to Section 102 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, as Amended – April 15, 2020 (PDF)
  • Matter of K-S-E-, 27 I&N Dec. 818 (BIA 2020) (PDF)
  • Federal Register – Inflation Adjustment of Civil Monetary Penalties – April 9, 2020 (PDF)
  • Alex J. Montalvo v. Kering Americas, Inc., 14 OCAHO no. 1350 (2020) (PDF)
  • United States v. Alma Delia Rubio-Reyes, 14 OCAHO no. 1349 (2020) (PDF)
  • Federal Register – Interest Rate Paid on Cash Deposited To Secure U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Immigration Bonds – April 8, 2020 (PDF)
  • Federal Register – Continuation of Employment Authorization and Automatic Extension of Existing Employment Authorization Documents for Eligible Liberians During the Period of Extended Wind-Down of Deferred Enforced Departure –
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Supreme Court Law Library

Supreme Court Law Library


Supreme Court Law Library

Supreme Court of Ohio

65 South Front Street, 11th Floor

Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431



8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Phone: 614.387.9680
Fax: 614.387.9689
Email: [email protected]


Ken Kozlowski, Esq.

The Ohio Supreme Court Law Library will remain closed to the public until further notice. The Library is still offering reference assistance via Ask-A-Librarian, or you can email the reference staff directly at [email protected]

The Law Library is open and available to the general public, providing a full range of services to all patrons. In addition to providing library services to the Justices and Supreme Court staff, the Law Library also

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Society | The WWW Virtual Library

Society | The WWW Virtual Library

Society :  en · es · fr · zh

Buddhist Studies Buddhist Studies
This site keeps track of leading information facilities in the fields of Buddhism and Buddhist studies.
this resource in English is indexed under: Religion, Society.
Diamond and Fine Jewelry Virtual Library Diamond and Fine Jewelry Virtual Library
Gemstones and fine jewelry made of precious metals set with diamonds and/or gems. Includes aspects of the diamond and gem trade from education to fashion trends.
this resource in English is indexed under: Earth Science, Society.
Fashion Fashion
Designers – Brands – Underwear – Fashion Accessories – Fashion Weeks – Magazines – Beauty Tips – Fashion TV Shows
this resource in English is indexed under: The Arts, Recreation, Society.
Women’s History Women’s History
The main purposes of this virtual library are to list women’s history institutions and organizations, locate archival and library collections, and
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Electronic Library on International Commercial Law and the CISG




Archived Pace-IICL CISG Database
(please note this Database has not been updated since December 2015)

Click here to go to the New and Updated Pace-IICL CISG Database

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Duty of Government – Wikisource, the free online library

The first duty of a government is to be true to itself. This does not mean perfection — it means a plan to strive for perfection. It means loyalty to ideals. The ideals of America were set out in the Declaration of Independence and adopted in the Constitution. They did not represent perfection at hand, but perfection found. The fundamental principle was freedom. The fathers knew that this was not yet apprehended. They formed a government firm in the faith that it was ever to press toward this high mark. In selfishness, in greed, in lust for gain, it turned aside. Enslaving others, it became itself enslaved. Bondage in one part consumed freedom in all parts. The government of the fathers, ceasing to be true to itself, was perishing. Five score and ten years ago, that divine providence which infinite repetition has made only the more a miracle, sent into

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Supreme Court Law Library

The Supreme Court Law Library originated with an 1867 Act of the Indiana legislature which gave custody of the law books then in the State Library to the Supreme Court.

The primary mission of the Supreme Court Law Library is to support the research needs of the judges, staff and agencies of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court Law Library also serves as the primary law library for many state agencies, the Office of the Governor, the legislature, members of the private bar, and the citizens of Indiana.

The Law Library contains a comprehensive collection of legal materials of over 70,000 volumes and is a repository for publications produced under grants from the State Justice Institute. These publications are made available to Judges throughout the state.

Search Library Catalog

Library Location and Hours

Supreme Court Law Library
State House, Room

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Law | The WWW Virtual Library

Law | The WWW Virtual Library

Law :  en · es · fr · zh

Law VL Law
VL Law currently concentrates on international and comparative law (both public and private). It is, though, in the course of recruiting colleagues to cover any and all other remaining areas.
this resource in Chinese is indexed under: Law.
this resource in English is indexed under: Law.
this resource in French is indexed under: Law.
Admiralty and Maritime Law Admiralty and Maritime Law
The Admiralty and Maritime Law Guide includes over 1,500 annotated links to admiralty law resources on the Internet and a growing database of admiralty case digests, opinions and international maritime conventions.
see also: Arbitration.
this resource in English is indexed under: Law, Transportation, Water.
Arbitration and Private Dispute Resolution Arbitration
Resources on International Arbitration, Commercial Arbitration, ‘ADR’, Mediation, Conciliation and other methods of private dispute resolution.
Database of treaty parties,
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Library | CUNY School of Law

The CUNY School of Law Library is fully integrated with the Law School’s philosophy and approach to legal education. The Law Library’s collection has been carefully planned and designed to support the Law School’s public interest law orientation and innovative curriculum. With special emphasis on practice and public interest law materials, the Law Library is well-equipped to support the clinical and theoretical focuses of the Law School’s curriculum.

The Library facility includes approximately 22,500 square feet and provides seating for 200 students. In keeping with modern law library practice, there is a heavy emphasis on providing materials in electronic format that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, using computers or other electronic devices. The Law School’s subscriptions to Bloomberg Law, HeinOnline, Lexis, Westlaw, and other research services provide a wealth of primary law materials, legal treatises, law journals, and non-legal resources in electronic format. The Law Library’s print

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Nevada Law Library

Nevada Law Library

  • The Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) are the current codified laws of the State of Nevada.
  • The Statutes of Nevada are a compilation of all legislation passed by the Nevada Legislature during a particular Legislative Session.
  • The Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) is the codified, administrative regulations of the Executive Branch.
  • The Nevada Register is a compilation of proposed, adopted, emergency and temporary administrative regulations, notices of intent and informational statements.
  • Supreme Court Opinions are the written decisions of the Nevada Supreme Court.

State Seal of Nevada


Nevada Revised Statutes (2019), Nevada Constitution, City Charters, Selected Special and Local Acts, Court Rules; Statutes of Nevada 80th Session (2019), 41st Session (1943), 40th Session (1941), 39th Session (1939), 38th Session (1937), 37th Session (1935), 36th Session (1933), 35th Session (1931), 34th Session (1929), 6th

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