Media Law – Oxford University Press

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Systematic Government Access to Private-Sector Data


Fred H. Cate and James X. Dempsey

06 October 2017

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Kevin Coates

26 May 2011

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A Media and Communications Law Handbook


Scott Beattie and Elizabeth Beal

15 March 2007

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Second Edition


Alan Williams, Duncan Calow, and Andrew Lee

24 May 2016

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The Media Law Resource Center, Inc.

08 March 2011
Employment Libel and Privacy Law

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Liberal Democracy, Trade, and the New Media


Perry Keller

02 July 2011

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Shaping the Body Politic: Mass Media Fat-Shaming Affects Implicit Anti-Fat Attitudes

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Video of Trump Killing Media in Shooting Played at One of His Resorts

At a time when our nation is facing an epidemic of mass shootings, supporters of President Donald Trump, at a conference held at one of the president’s resorts, showed a violent depiction of a fake Trump massacring members of the news media using a gun and other weapons, The New York Times reported Sunday night.

American Priority, a group that supports the president, hosted the conference at Trump National Doral Miami. Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the president’s son Donald Trump Jr., and Florida Gov. Rick DeSantis were all scheduled to speak at the event. But Huckabee Sanders and a source close to Trump Jr. denied either saw the video.

Bloomberg technology reporter William Turton surfaced a video matching the description from the Times on YouTube. The video appears to have been uploaded by YouTube account TheGeekzTeam in July 2018, and the account has posted other videos

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