Best political sites: Liberal, conservative, and nonpartisan

Now that the U.S. has witnessed a peaceful transfer of power, some in the country are saying that it’s time to unite. And while that may be possible for some, others still frequent political commentary sites that aim to sway public opinion in one way or another.

There are people on both sides of the political fence–left or right–that use the following sites as sources for their own political understanding and to help them formulate their own agenda. To those folks, these biased sites provide value. But to some, nonpartisan sites are important and they want to hear the unbiased truth. Either way, politics is an extremely contentious business. And whether you’re looking for liberal-leaning posts on the greatness of President Obama or conservative discussions on the problems with the president’s stimulus package, you can find it all in the following sites.

Conservative sites

Drudge Report
Drudge Report may just

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