Victorian government aims for crowds at Australian Open and Boxing Day Test | Sport

The Victorian government is aiming to not only host the Boxing Day Test and Australian Open, but for crowds to attend both sporting events. Victoria has been devoid of live sport during a winter of Covid-19 discontent, but as case numbers continue to drop there is growing hope for the two jewels in the city’s summer sporting calendar.

Cricket Australia is in the final stages of finalising tweaks to its 2020-21 schedule and the growing expectation is the MCG will remain host of the Boxing Day Test between Australia and India, with Adelaide Oval to serve as CA’s back-up plan.

Tennis Australia chief executive Craig Tiley indicated last week he is hopeful that Melbourne Park would have crowds of some description during its grand slam, and on Monday premier Daniel Andrews suggested his government was aiming for crowds to attend the Boxing Day Test and Australian Open.

“We are having

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Open Government Training | Washington State

Welcome to the Open Government Training web page of the Office of the Attorney General.

General Information & Instructions

Click on the dropdown boxes below for “General Information and Instructions.” To take online training, scroll down to “Open Government Training Curriculum & Resources.” For sample documentation, scroll down to “Last Step: Training Documentation.”




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OpenGov – Open Government Brainstorm – by IdeaScale

How can we strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness by making government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative?

June 26, 2009

The Open Government Dialogue is now closed. Because of your participation, this dialogue has generated a rich collection of ideas that will shape the President’s commitment to making our government more transparent, participatory, and collaborative.

This dialogue represented the first of a three-phase process that is soliciting public input in crafting recommendations on open government. Summaries of the brainstorming that has occurred here, and of subsequent phases in the process, can be found on the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Blog.

Visit the White House Open Government Initiative website for more information.

The National Academy of Public Administration

On January 21st, the President issued the Memorandum on Transparency and Open Government, calling for an unprecedented level of openness in government. In the memorandum,

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Open Government | NSF – National Science Foundation

In working to achieve transparency, public participation and collaboration, agencies across the government have established Open Government Web pages and asked the public for ideas and suggestions.

Open Government Plan

NSF Open Government Plan 4.0

Open Government

VA Open Gov Graphic

Open Government Initiative

On his first day in office, President Obama signed a memorandum to all Federal Agencies directing them to break down barriers to transparency, participation, and collaboration between the Federal Government and the people it serves. For more information on this presidential initiative visit White House Open Government Initiative.

Connect with VA Today

VA’s Open Government Plan

The Open Government Directive mandated that Executive Departments and Agencies would create a plan to detail the specific actions it would take to become more transparent, to increase participation, and to be more collaborative. On April 7, 2010, after soliciting ideas from the public, we released our plan—and it’s something we look forward to implementing. View VA’s Open Government Plan.

VA’s Customer Service Plan

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) fulfills President Lincoln’s promise to care for all Veterans and his or her family. As required by Executive Order

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Open Government Plan | U.S. Department of Education

2012 Open Government Plan Update

In April of 2010, our Open Government Task Force assembled the Department’s first comprehensive Open Government Plan. Two years later, we’ve met many of our objectives and started new initiatives since the first 2010 release. This is our April 2012 update to our Open Government Plan.

Below you will find the original 2010 plan in an entirety. You may notice that the original text may list activities in the future tense. This release provides 2012 updates to the original plan in two sections. New initiatives are listed with “NEW for 2012” headings. Each of the original initiatives has a “2012 Update” box below each listing. We’ve chosen this format to make clear distinctions for the 2012 additions as well as 2012 updates to our original initiatives.

In summary for 2012, we are pleased to announce our three new flagship initiatives:

  • Transparency: Federal Student Integrated Student
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Open Government | US EPA

Open Government helps the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) achieve better communication with the public and major stakeholders to protect human health and the environment

Open Government helps the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) achieve better communication with the public and major stakeholders to protect human health and the environment.

Evidence-Based Policymaking

The Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 was signed into law in January 2019. The law incorporates many of the recommendations of the U.S. Commission on Evidence-Based Policymaking (2017) to improve the use of evidence and data to generate policies and inform programs in the federal government.

The new law requires the development of learning agendas, enhances open Government policy initiatives, and promotes enhanced public access to agency data assets. All agencies are now required to develop evidence-based policy and evaluation plans as part of regular business.

Agencies are also required to designate an Evaluation Officer, a Chief Data Officer and a Statistical Official to support and implement the new requirements. EPA has named the following people to these positions:

Evaluation Officer –

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