Opinion | 7 ways Trump and his cabal are using government to corrupt the election

Quick: What do all these things have in common?

The answer: In all these cases, Trump isn’t just stating claims. He and his cronies are also corruptly manipulating the levers of your government to make them into truths, or inflate them into issues that will garner news coverage that helps him in some way, or both.

Because the crush of governmental manipulation to serve Trump’s personal and political ends is so relentless, we often focus only on isolated examples as they skate past.

But we need to connect the dots. Taken together, they tell a larger story that is truly staggering in its levels of corruption:

Rushing coronavirus treatments. The New York Times just reported that scientists inside Trump’s own government are warning that the White House is laying the groundwork to increase pressure to approve a vaccine before Election Day, “even in the absence of agreement on its effectiveness

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The Observer view on the government’s shameful actions in the Channel | Observer editorial | Opinion

‘He wanted to have a better life from the horror we used to live in.” These are the words of Al-Fatih Hamdallah, the older brother of Abdulfatah Hamdallah, the 22-year-old Sudanese man who drowned trying to cross the Channel in a tiny inflatable dinghy with shovels for oars. Hamdallah had left West Kordofan, a Sudanese province bordering war-torn Darfur, in 2014; he made his way to Europe via Libya and the dangerous Mediterranean crossing to Italy.

These are not journeys somebody would make if they felt they had another choice. Behind every man, woman and child who risks their life trying to make the treacherous journey to western Europe from Africa and the Middle East lies an individual story, but the common thread is a desperate attempt to flee conflict and extreme poverty. That parents are willing to jeopardise their children’s lives, not just their own, that a man

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