Polit Bar – more than cocktails

What’s upstairs?

A comfy local bar with a popular selection of all your favourites. Hungry? We have delish pizzas & nibbles all night. With a group or on your own, come up for a smile & a chat. We love making new friends. 

Fun & mischief

Polit Bar is proud to nurture & support local talent. We pass 100% of ticket sales on to the show organisers. When you buy a ticket, you’re directly supporting the performers. ​Thank you! Here’s what’s coming up…
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Planning a party?

Looking for a GREAT party venue? Polit Bar is the perfect size. Birthday, engagement party, pre/post-wedding, hen’s/ bucks/ both bash, divorce, reunion, casual get-together, anniversary, client entertainment, or just because? Let US do the work. 

Heat up your party with a drag queen or a touch

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