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The Political Environment

More and more, it feels like Trump
Darth Vader.jpg
is running the Death Star.

Because on top of his careless self-absorption and botching of pandemic preparedness that has left countless patients suffering and dying from lung congestion, you can add his big-business-serving intentional release of more tailpipe emissions into the air – 

The new rule, which is expected to be implemented by late spring, will roll back a 2012 rule that required automakers’ fleets to average about 54 miles per gallon by 2025. – – 

– on top of his even more sweeping suspension of clean air and water oversight and enforcement that will put pollutants into everyone’s air, water, lungs and food supplies: 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a freeze on enforcing environmental regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic that is so sweeping in scope that critics have begun to argue the change is actually a bid to

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Politic – Political WordPress Theme by HasTech

Political WordPress ThemePoliticPolitic - Political WordPress Theme - 1

Politic – Political WordPress Theme is a clean, modern and responsive design for Politicians, Minister or Member of Parliament. It is a great online solution for political parties, social movements, NGO’s, crowd-funding campaigns, and other politics related websites. This political theme is a perfect choice for building a political website because it is built-in Elementor Page Builder Plugin. This fully responsive and retina ready theme is easy to use and flexible including Drag & Drop Page Builder. You don’t need to be a coder to build beautiful pages.

Moreover, there are two Home Versions like One Page and Multi-page with powerful page builder features. Full cross-browser compatible theme Politic is completely customizable. It includes Custom Header & Footer Setting, Google Map Setting, 20+ Add-ons, Unlimited Color & Font Choices, Custom Page & Post-types, 5+ Blog Layouts, Custom Widgets, and Other Customizations. This feature-rich and plugin-friendly WordPress theme offers infinite design

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Political Prisoners | The Holocaust Encyclopedia

Nazi Persecution of Political Opponents

After World War I (1914-1918), nationalist, right-wing political movements in Germany and Austria tended to see the nation in collective terms as a Volksgemeinschaft or national community. Racist nationalists on the extreme right of the political spectrum saw this collective as a voelkische Gemeinschaft, by which they meant a racial group that they considered superior. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, among other radical right-wing groups, adopted this view of the German nation.

Unlike Western liberals or nationalists, the Nazis did not find value in individuality. For the Nazis, individualism was an egotistic, culture-corroding, Jewish value that would tear apart the fabric of the communal nation. The Nazis insisted that the individual had value only in his or her membership in the collective racial community.

A key Nazi criticism of Weimar democracy in particular and liberal democracy in general was that it emphasized the individual.

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Eritrea – Political structure


Political structure in Eritrea


Head of state: President Isaias Afwerki

Head of government: President Isaias Afwerki


President Isaias Afwerki

President Isaias Afwerki.


President Isaias Afwerki and his cabinet of 16 ministers, regional governors and other
officials form the 24-member State Council, the executive branch of the Eritrean government,
chaired by the president.

An unicameral 150-member National Assembly which comprises 75 Central Committee members
of the ruling PFDJ, together with 75 others (representatives elected by the general population,
of whom at least 11 must be women, and 15 members representing Eritreans living abroad) form
the legislative branch of the democratic government of Eritrea.

The National Assembly establishes the domestic and foreign policies of the government,
regulates the State Council’s execution of these policies and approves the country’s budget.
The National

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Political Propaganda (1934)

German Propaganda Archive Calvin University

Background: This article is taken from the Nazi monthly for propagandists.
It is an unusually complicated explication of Nazi propaganda. The author,
born in 1902, was an early Nazi. In 1934, he was the head of the district
propaganda office of the Propaganda Ministry Berlin-Brandenburg-Kurmark,
and a Reichsredner.

The source: “Politische Propaganda,” Unser Wille
und Weg,
4(1934), pp. 323-332.

Political Propaganda

by Schulze-Wechsungen

No one today will doubt that political propaganda has been

of major significance in the past decades. Waves of propaganda

hit Germany, leaving a world in confusion. We had nothing similar

with which to defend ourselves. Our leaders realized too late

the power and effects of this modern weapon, a weapon without

limits, that thunders more loudly than cannon fire, that is more

destructive than a gas attack.

This weapon forced the World War on us, it forged the alliance

against Germany, it brought ever new armies

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Political Compass – RationalWiki

The Political Compass™ is an online test, made in the UK by a political journalist and a professor of social history.[1][2] It places people’s political views on two axes instead of the traditional left-to-right axis.

The compass uses two axis to assign political views, a technique used by the earlier Nolan Chart and Pournelle ChartWikipedia's W.svg as well as a number of other political charts. It has the same “corners” as the Nolan chart, which has led some to view it as an unattributed use of the Nolan Chart. However, the economic/social axes are rotated 135 degrees:

Nolan Chart Political Compass
Libertarian Libertarian Right
Conservative Authoritarian Right
Authoritarian Authoritarian Left
Liberal Libertarian Left

Note that the above are not “conversions” that hold true in every individual; while the Clintons, for example, would be regarded as liberal by the Nolan Chart for not wanting to completely privatize Social Security, the

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Politico: Responsive Political Campaign WP Theme by theMOLITOR

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The premier political theme on Theme Forest! Politico is ideal for political campaign sites. The slideshow is great for drawing attention to important issues or promoting a candidate into office.

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Red vs. Blue: A history of how we use political colors

Then, later in the broadcast, the team shows the current map of who’s winning which state. And that, too, is jarring.

The Democrats are blue and the Republicans are … yellow? Why aren’t they red? The answer is: Because the assignation of red-as-Republican, blue-as-Democrat didn’t become the standard until the last election of the third century in which America existed: the election of 2000.

There have been a number of good assessments of how the way in which we depict the two parties has evolved. One of the earliest appeared here in the Post, shortly before the 2004 election. There was one shortly after that in Washington Monthly which is often cited; probably the most thorough is this one, from the Smithsonian.

What’s clear is that, prior to 2000, talking about “red states” and “blue states” wouldn’t necessarily have resulted in any understanding from your audience. In 1992, David Nyhan

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