What are Sources of Law? (with pictures)

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Jurisprudence is really the eye of the law because it opens ones eyes to the rudiments of law and its application. Talking about sources of law as I learnt in Jurisprudence include legislative process, custom, constitution, etc.

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Laws are very important for running and keeping a society in order. Laws are very interesting to think about and is a great topic to study. Laws also give us a deeper concept of how everything works in a society.

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Some laws that were on the books and enforced through the 1950’s, at least, had their source mostly from a religious stand point.

I remember as a little girl in the 50’s that all stores were closed on Sundays. And that included grocery stores. Theaters, gas stations, taverns, and other establishments were closed all day Sunday.These were actual laws, not traditions. This gave people

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