Media Law – Oxford University Press

Cover for 9780190685515

Systematic Government Access to Private-Sector Data


Fred H. Cate and James X. Dempsey

06 October 2017

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Kevin Coates

26 May 2011

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A Media and Communications Law Handbook


Scott Beattie and Elizabeth Beal

15 March 2007

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Second Edition


Alan Williams, Duncan Calow, and Andrew Lee

24 May 2016

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The Media Law Resource Center, Inc.

08 March 2011
Employment Libel and Privacy Law

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Liberal Democracy, Trade, and the New Media


Perry Keller

02 July 2011

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University of Houston Law Center

The University of Houston Law Center is the leading law school in the nation’s fourth-largest city. Excellence and value are the hallmarks of our law school. We encourage prospective students to investigate all of the advantages that make the Law Center what it is: an unparalleled value in legal education and a great place to launch a career in law.

Since 2018, UHLC has received more awards from preLaw magazine than any other law school. Click here to find out more.

Rankings for the Law Center

  • We are a highly ranked law school located in one of the nation’s top legal markets. The city of Houston is also home to the world’s largest health care and medical complex and recognized as the energy capital of the world with multiple Fortune 500 companies headquartered here.
  • The Law Center is among the nation’s best law schools in a number of categories. Our Intellectual Property Law and
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Selda Dudu | University of Seville


Each year many people are willing to migrate due to several reasons. There are many immigrants wh… more

RESUMEN Ante el problema de jóvenes adultos excluidos del mercado laboral, por déficits en habili… more
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College of Law | University of La Verne

The College of Law teaches the practice of law while preparing students to promote access to legal services and justice in the community. Few professions have the capability to produce change for individuals, municipalities, and entire regions so decisively as the legal profession. At La Verne Law, we prepare graduates to make a difference for their clients.

La Verne Law faculty are committed to creating an innovative, collaborative learning environment designed to develop the knowledge and real-world skills relevant to working in the legal profession. Our graduates find success in private practice, public service, business, government, and on the bench.

Our student body and faculty reflect the rich diversity of Southern California, and represent different perspectives that lead to robust and engaging study, debate, and discussion.

Accredited by the State Bar of California

On November 18, 2019, the Board of Trustees of the University of La Verne directed that the

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OSUN | Open Society University Network

Philanthropic Partner

For almost 30 years, OSF has supported innovative cooperation between CEU and Bard College, and between their respective national and international networks. During this period, OSF has contributed to the development of groundbreaking higher education institutions, first in Central and Eastern Europe, and then globally. OSF also supported a program of fellowships in higher education that has intellectually empowered tens of thousands of students and educators throughout the world.

The Open Society Foundations (OSF) is an international grant-making network that supports civil society groups around the world, with the aim of advancing justice, education, public health and independent media. Since its inception, in 1993, it has contributed:

  • $15.2 billion in total expenditures
  • 50,000+ grants to organizations, scholars, and activists in 120+ countries

Although originally focused in the 1990s on Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, South Africa, and Myanmar, OSF has since expanded its network to Africa, Asia,

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Stetson University College of Law

Stetson University College of Law – Florida’s First Law School Skip to Content
Stetson University Logo


Stetson University College of Law is ranked #1 in trial advocacy and #3 in legal writing education by U.S. News. Stetson leads the nation in blending legal doctrine with practical training. Since being founded in 1900 as Florida’s first law school, Stetson has prepared students to become highly skilled, ethical lawyers and leaders. Our graduates include prominent attorneys, judges, CEOs and advocates for positive change. Stetson Law is located in Tampa Bay, Florida, home to a diverse legal community and to hundreds of clinic and externship opportunities for our law students.

Why Stetson Law

Academic Programs

Explore academic options and courses for Stetson’s J.D., LL.M. and dual degree programs.


Admissions and Aid

Our counselors are available to guide you through the admissions and financial aid

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Department of Government | New Mexico State University

Coronavirus and Continuity of Classes Online

IMPORTANT: For all the most reliable and updated information on the coronavirus pandemic, access to public health services in New Mexico and the continuity of classes online, please see the NMSU website here


March 27, 2020

Dear Students,

Please know that the faculty and staff of the Department of Government are ready to support you and answer any questions you have as we transition to the online delivery of classes for the rest of this semester. This is a challenging time and we will come through it together. Please stay connected and do not hesitate to contact your professors or me if you have any concerns. For updated information about grading, advising and student support services, see Dept of Govt Update 03 27 20.

Best wishes.

Dr. Neil Harvey
Professor and Academic Department Head
Department of Government
[email protected]


Advising for Summer and Fall 2020

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QOG, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

The QoG Institute was founded in 2004 by Professor Bo Rothstein and Professor Sören Holmberg. It is an independent research institute within the Department of Political Science at the University of Gothenburg. We are 30 researchers who conduct and promote research on the causes, consequences and nature of Good Governance and the Quality of Government (QoG) – that is, trustworthy, reliable, impartial, uncorrupted and competent government institutions.

While Quality of Government is our common intellectual focal point, we apply a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

The main objective of our research is to address the theoretical and empirical problem of how political institutions of high quality can be created and maintained. A second objective is to study the effects of Quality of Government on a number of policy areas, such as health, the environment, social policy, and poverty. We approach these problems from a variety of different theoretical and

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ICLS | Columbia University | The Center for Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University

 The Heyman Center for the Humanities, Room B-101

74 Morningside Drive

New York, NY, 10027

  (212) 854-4541

  (212) 854-3099

Subscribe to the ICLS Newsletter

Columbia University Logo

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School of Law | Regent University

U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

U.S. Court of Appeals, 3rd Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals, 5th Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals, 8th Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals, 10th Circuit

U.S. Court of Federal Claims

U.S. District Courts

Various Federal Administrative Courts

State Supreme Courts: Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington

State Courts of Appeals

State District Courts

State Circuit Courts

Family Courts

Juvenile & Domestic Relations Courts

Balch & Bingham LLP (AL)

Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP  (KY)

Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, O’Keefe & Nichols (CA)

Boult, Cummings, Conners & Berry, PLC (TN)

Clark & Ward, PLLC (KY)

Cooper Levenson, PA (NJ)

Cooper & Scully, PC (TX)

Covington & Burling LLP (DC)

Fowler Rodriguez & Chalos LLP (FL)

Holton Yates, PC (VA)

Glasser & Glasser, PLC (VA)

Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman (IN)


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