Day: September 9, 2020

Regime mocks human rights laws

It is a great pleasure to be with you for this international online summit for a free and democratic Iran. I want to send my best wishes to Ashraf 3’s residents in Albania and to the Iranian people.

The regime’s human rights abuses are well documented and sadly continue today with a matter of state policy because of the failure of the international community, including Western democracies, to hold the regime to account. The UK government recently announced its first sanctions under a new global human rights regime. This is a positive step. But, it will be toothless if the Iranian regime officials are not included in the British list of Syria’s human rights violators. They must be designated for sanctions under this newly established Global Human Rights Sanctions regulations, but they have not been included. This must be amended and altered. It is very important that the message

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Roadchef shares scandal widow demands action by UK government

Magor Roadchef services on M4 motorway at nightImage copyright
Lewis Clarke/Geograph

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If you have travelled on a motorway in the UK, there’s a good chance you stopped at a Roadchef services

A widow is calling on the UK government to act to allow thousands of victims of a share scandal to finally receive tax-free compensation.

Workers at Roadchef motorway services won a legal battle in 2014 after losing millions when shares in an employee scheme were transferred.

It then emerged a further £10m had been taken in taxes.

In 2018, that cash was returned – but a continuing dispute with tax officials means no full payout has been made.

HM Revenue and Customs said it was working to bring the case to a conclusion.

“There’s a lot of people who’ve died and haven’t had the money,” said Eleanor Nicholls, from Llanelli in Carmarthenshire.

Her husband Michael was one of the workers who should have benefited.

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Law Society of B.C. rebuked for toppling Begbie

a statue of a person: The Law Society of B.C. had this statue of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie removed from the lobby of their Vancouver offices.

© Provided by Vancouver Sun
The Law Society of B.C. had this statue of Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie removed from the lobby of their Vancouver offices.

While the rest of the world pulls down statues of colonial white men, two B.C. legal icons want to restore lustre to the province’s first chief justice and denounce the Law Society of B.C. for tarnishing his image.

Retired B.C. Supreme Court Justice Tom Berger, a giant of Indigenous jurisprudence, and scholar Hamar Foster, University of Victoria professor emeritus, slammed the legal regulator for erasing the legacies of Sir Matthew Begbie.

Three years ago, the law society removed his statue from the foyer of its Vancouver building and eliminated other hallmarks such as the little bronze “Begbies” that honour a “lifetime contribution of the truly exceptional in the legal profession” and changing “Begbie” as the code word used to trigger safety procedures.

Berger and

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More Books On Leadership, Recommended By Maryland Political Leaders

(from the Maryland Matters Staff)
September 3, 2020

Second of two parts.

On Wednesday, Maryland Matters carried an article about a collection of books, compiled by state Sen. Cory V. McCray (D-Baltimore City) and Del. Marc Korman (D-Montgomery), that they’re recommending to colleagues and other policymakers for tips on leadership.

But the list doesn’t end there.

Compiling suggested titles from about 15 individuals, Korman and McCray put together a secondary list of good books that Maryland leaders ought to read. Think of it — gratuitous sports metaphor alert — as the NIT of book recommendations.

How do you think they did? Are there titles they forgot — that should have been included on the list? If you’ve got suggestions, email them to us at [email protected] We’ll publish them down the line.

So without further ado, here are some more titles for your consideration, complete with comments from the people who

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Worcester lawyer Paul DePalo in line for seat on Governor’s Council – News –

Paul DePalo appeared on his way to taking over the Worcester County seat on the Governor’s Council.

With 253 of 254 precincts reporting, the tally in the 7th District was 72,847 votes (62.5%) for DePalo and 43,750 votes (37.5%) for Rafferty, according to the Associated Press.

This year there are no Republicans in the running, putting all the focus on Tuesday’s primary.

In Worcester, Democratic primary voters handed DePalo a 14,657 to 9,158 win over Rafferty.

The 7th District seat has been empty for almost a year. Five-term incumbent Jennie L. Caissie, a Republican of Oxford, resigned from the council in October to become clerk magistrate of Dudley District Court.

The Governor’s Council, consisting of eight elected members, approves gubernatorial appointments for judges,

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