CHILLICOTHE – The Scioto Society has raised $90,000 of its $100,000 fundraising goal.

The Scioto Society puts on Tecumseh! every year among other shows. Tecumseh was cancelled for the 2020 season after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. 

In June, the Scioto Society launched the Bundle of Twigs campaign, with the goal of raising $100,000 by December.

The name of the fundraiser draws from a quote from Tecumseh — “A single twig is easily broken, but a bundle of twigs is strong.”

To kick start the fundraiser, the Scioto Society offered a limited edition poster designed by Jarrod Depugh of Metropolis Design Studios here in Chillicothe, as reported on by the Gazette in June. 

The poster features Tecumseh’s famous quote, and also featured a red foil ink in Tecumseh’s hair ribbon, as a nod to the original Tecumseh logo painted by celebrated local artist Alan Gough. 

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