Day: October 4, 2020

Boris Johnson to opt out of major European human rights laws

Boris Johnson looks set to withdraw from significant European human rights laws in a move which could make it easier to deport migrants and more difficult to sue British soldiers. 

Ministers are considering opt-outs from the Human Rights Act (HRA) in areas the Government believes European judges have ‘overreached,’ according to the Sunday Telegraph.

The legislation was signed into British law in November 1998 to incorporate rights set out in the European Convention on Human

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Sohail Ayaz was a mere Google search away from being discovered. If a single curious colleague had taken the pain to look up his name, they would have come across in-depth articles in numerous international publications splashed with headlines such as “Paedophile who worked for Save the Children jailed”. Ayaz’s heinous crimes from a decade ago include raping countless children while being part of an international sex ring, subjecting them to sadistic acts and distributing

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A Shift in the World Situation: The Capitalist Counter-Offensive

The period between 1968 and 1975 witnessed an immense upsurge of the working class. Left-wing and socialist movements grew significantly throughout the world. In the midst of a powerful strike movement of British workers in the summer of 1972, the Daily Telegraph published an editorial headlined, “Who Shall Rule?,” raising openly the specter of a revolutionary overturn of the capitalist state by the working class. In the United States, the attempt by the Nixon administration—with

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‘Legendary’: Prominent human rights lawyer George Bizos dies | South Africa

George Bizos, the anti-apartheid campaigner and human rights lawyer who defended Nelson Mandela during the decades-long struggle for South Africa’s democracy, has died.

He was 92.

Bizos died “peacefully” at his home in Johannesburg of “natural causes”, his family said late on Wednesday.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said the news of Bizos’s death was “very sad for us as a country”.

“An incisive legal mind and architect of our constitution, he contributed immensely to

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