Day: October 18, 2020

Government publishes full list of local alert levels by area

The government has released the full list of the local coronavirus alert levels by area after Boris Johnson announced the new three-tiered system in Parliament.

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Under the new system, different areas of England will be split up into medium, high and very high alert levels, with the three tiers representing an advancing scale of local lockdown restrictions.

Here is the full list of local Covid-19 alert levels by area.


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Bristol’s Colston society to end after 275 years at the end of this year | West Country

The Colston Society – the original group set up in the name of Bristol-born slave trader Edward Colston – is to be disbanded.

In a narrow margin, following a survey in July and August, members of the registered charity voted to close the group completely, rather than continue with a different name.

For years it has held church services involving school children that commemorated Colston, who in later life gave part of his fortune to

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