Definition of Politic by Merriam-Webster

pol·​i·​tic | ˈpä-lə-ˌtik How to pronounce politic (audio)

2 : characterized by shrewdness in managing, contriving, or dealing

3 : sagacious in promoting a policy

Choose the Right Synonym for politic

expedient, politic, advisable mean dictated by practical or prudent motives. expedient usually implies what is immediately advantageous without regard for ethics or consistent principles.

a politically expedient decision politic stresses judiciousness and tactical value but usually implies some lack of candor or sincerity.

a politic show of interest advisable applies to what is practical, prudent, or advantageous but lacks the derogatory implication of expedient and politic.

sometimes it’s advisable to say nothing

suave, urbane, diplomatic, bland, smooth, politic mean pleasantly tactful and well-mannered. suave suggests a specific ability to deal with others easily and without friction.

a suave public relations coordinator urbane implies high cultivation and poise coming from wide social experience.

an urbane traveler

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