7 Must-Have Coverages in Your Health Insurance

Taking an insurance cover will involve more than just the type of health coverage you will be getting. Good health insurance should cover all aspects of a good insurance policy. Meaning, fair premiums, a reasonable copay, and coinsurance among other factors. You can only tell whether or not the insurance […]

Historical society receives grant for tavern

Angelena Iglesia

The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission has given a $25,000 grant to the Historical Society of Perry County that will be used to continue planning for the preservation of the Clarks Ferry Tavern in Duncannon, according to a commission announcement. “Our thanks to the Friends of Clark’s Ferry Tavern, our […]

Technology, education and society

Angelena Iglesia

Jamaica needs properly to enter the era of information technology. There are manifestations of interest in information technology, largely among technical experts, some professionals, tech-savvy students, and others, but the society’s IT competence remains limited. Digital native youngsters have expectations of exposure to the latest, affordable items from the […]

Achieving a functioning society | Philstar.com

Angelena Iglesia

Achieving a functioning society When a government controls both the executive and legislative functions, it is easy to pass any law that they want. For example, the law on anti-terrorism has been passed with the justification that it is an effective law. What does effective mean? It depends on […]

Towards an uncivil society?

Angelena Iglesia

Whenever anyone mounts a critique of the current state of media encounters one particular counter-argument. Where were you when the tilt was the other way around, when the liberal narrative held sway in almost all of media? No one complained about bias, or the quality of coverage then, did they? […]

Vodacom’s Digital Society efforts bear fruit

Angelena Iglesia

Digital technologies have changed the way people live, work and interact. Currently, South Africa has embarked on a digitalisation journey which aims to see the country harness the power of emerging digital technologies to propel economic growth and empower its people. To reap the full benefits of digitilisation requires building […]

Federalist Society Blocks Basic Judicial Ethics Rule

Angelena Iglesia

In the musical Hamilton, Aaron Burr is asked by Alexander Hamilton to participate in drafting a series of essays, now known as the Federalist Papers, to help define the contours of a new Constitution. Although Burr recognizes the need, he declines Hamilton’s entreaties. He opts for safety, waiting to see […]