How philanthropy benefits the super-rich | Philanthropy

Philanthropy, it is popularly supposed, transfers money from the rich to the poor. This is not the case. In the US, which statistics show to be the most philanthropic of nations, barely a fifth of the money donated by big givers goes to the poor. A lot goes to the arts, sports teams and other cultural pursuits, and half goes to education and healthcare. At first glance that seems to fit the popular profile of “giving to good causes”. But dig down a little.

The biggest donations in education in 2019 went to the elite universities and schools that the rich themselves had attended. In the UK, in the 10-year period to 2017, more than two-thirds of all millionaire donations – £4.79bn – went to higher education, and half of these went to just two universities: Oxford and Cambridge. When the rich and the middle classes give to schools,

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Community Newsletter: Society’s Assets | Faith & Community

White Cane Awareness Day

Since Oct. 15, 1964, White Cane Awareness Day has been recognized in the United States. That’s when traffic laws were developed that require motorists and cyclists to be attentive to pedestrians that travel using white canes. The white cane allows Americans with blindness or visual impairments to move freely and safely in the community.

Wisconsin Statute 346.26 requires that when a driver approaches a pedestrian utilizing an all-white or red-trimmed white cane or a dog guide, the driver must stop before approaching within 10 feet of the pedestrian. This law eliminates the obstacle of travel risks while navigating traffic for people with visual impairments or blindness and increases their confidence for independent travel within the community.

Leading up to Oct. 15, Society’s Assets is sharing the stories of area residents as they are out and about in their neighborhoods, shopping areas, schools and work sites. Check

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Sohail Ayaz was a mere Google search away from being discovered. If a single curious colleague had taken the pain to look up his name, they would have come across in-depth articles in numerous international publications splashed with headlines such as “Paedophile who worked for Save the Children jailed”. Ayaz’s heinous crimes from a decade ago include raping countless children while being part of an international sex ring, subjecting them to sadistic acts and distributing these images through the internet. Not only was he sentenced to prison for four years in the UK, but was also tried in Italy for his involvement in a Romanian child sex ring.

But it was not this abominable transnational record that got Ayaz caught in Pakistan. Even though he had been deported from the UK, there is no reliable mechanism in place to determine the cause of deportation — which could range from losing

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Towards an uncivil society?

Whenever anyone mounts a critique of the current state of media encounters one particular counter-argument. Where were you when the tilt was the other way around, when the liberal narrative held sway in almost all of media? No one complained about bias, or the quality of coverage then, did they? The power has now decisively away from the traditional elite, and along with social media, TV now speaks the millions who were effectively silenced earlier, and this is what seems to causing so much heartburn for a small section of commentators.

There is truth in this argument. There is no question that media was slanted the other way, particularly before 2014. Even if a debate was mounted and both sides represented, there was never any doubt as to where the channel stood, and what the ‘right answer’ was. And the arrival of social media has changed things, but it has

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Autism Society event will include virtual walk, resource fair, panel discussions | Local news

Supporters of the Autism Society of Southern Arizona seek to raise at least $100,000 at the 14th annual Autism Virtual Walk & Interactive Resource Fair on Sept. 26. The walk, pictured last year, is now a virtual event that features a resource fair with more than 75 vendors that offer autism resources.

Over the past 14 years, the Autism Walk & Resource Fair evolved into the largest autism event in Southern Arizona, attracting more than 2,000 people annually.

This year, as a result of COVID-19 and the determination of staff and supporters, the event will become the region’s largest virtual autism event — essentially a one-stop online shop for registrants.

“When we realized that it was not shaping up to be a time where we could gather in large groups for an in-person event, we knew we had to find a way to deliver the next best

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Humane Society weathers pandemic, still needs public support


Organization offers adoptions, a mobile clinic and more to community

COSHOCTON – The COVID-19 pandemic had led to many challenges for the Coshocton County Humane

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Vodacom’s Digital Society efforts bear fruit

Digital technologies have changed the way people live, work and interact.

Currently, South Africa has embarked on a digitalisation journey which aims to see the country harness the power of emerging digital technologies to propel economic growth and empower its people.

To reap the full benefits of digitilisation requires building a truly digital society through connectivity and accessibility that will allow for the transformation of millions of lives in the country.

A study by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) found that expanding mobile broadband penetration by just 10% in Africa would equate to an increase of 2.5% in GDP per capita.

Creating a digital society is one of Vodacom’s three key purpose pillars with the objective of connecting people to a better future by bridging the digital divide across all our markets.

To demonstrate commitment, Vodacom articulated its purpose to improve the next 100 million lives and halve their

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Scioto Society well on way towards fundraising goals, no fall production, says producer


CHILLICOTHE – The Scioto Society has raised $90,000 of its $100,000 fundraising goal.

The Scioto Society puts on Tecumseh! every year among other shows. Tecumseh was cancelled for the 2020 season after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. 

In June, the Scioto Society launched the Bundle of Twigs campaign, with the goal of raising $100,000 by December.

The name of the fundraiser draws from a quote from Tecumseh — “A single twig is easily broken, but a bundle of twigs is strong.”

To kick start the fundraiser, the Scioto Society offered a limited edition poster designed by Jarrod Depugh of Metropolis Design Studios here in Chillicothe, as reported on by the Gazette in June. 

The poster features Tecumseh’s famous quote, and also featured a red foil ink in Tecumseh’s hair ribbon, as a nod to the original Tecumseh logo painted by celebrated local artist Alan Gough. 

“One of the

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Federalist Society Blocks Basic Judicial Ethics Rule

In the musical Hamilton, Aaron Burr is asked by Alexander Hamilton to participate in drafting a series of essays, now known as the Federalist Papers, to help define the contours of a new Constitution. Although Burr recognizes the need, he declines Hamilton’s entreaties. He opts for safety, waiting to see which way the wind blows.

John Roberts wearing a suit and tie: Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is the head of the federal judiciary. Mario Tama/Getty Images

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Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is the head of the federal judiciary. Mario Tama/Getty Images

In a case of life imitating art, this is just what a committee of 15 federal judges, all appointed by Chief Justice John Roberts, did when confronted with a serious ethical issue that has long-term consequences to the integrity of the judiciary.


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The Codes of Conduct Committee is charged with providing ethical guidance to federal judges. Public respect for the integrity of the judiciary provides the moral authority to resolve disputes and

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What A Cashless Society Really Means For You

Being totally cashless hasn’t been hard for this Apple Watch wearing, technoluster, or others it seems. Still, for others, it’s proven incredibly hard and while cashless society may seem like an amazing idea (lower crime rates, less money laundering, time/resources saved from making money and easier currency exchange when travelling) but there are some vast downsides too.

Zero cash – no notes or coins – looks like the way things are going abut how quickly we get there is up for some debate. Going totally digital means 100% traceable, digital and fully controlled and there are lots of forces out there that don’t want that world. There are lots of larger issues surrounding going cashless that many rage against.

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