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When it comes to legal studies, you should know that you could choose different areas of legal practice. At the same time, you will find other lists of different law areas that you can choose to study or to hire based on your preferences and needs. We recommend you check […]

When it comes to legal studies, you should know that you could choose different areas of legal practice. At the same time, you will find other lists of different law areas that you can choose to study or to hire based on your preferences and needs.

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In the further article, we will explore different areas of law so that you can know more about them in general.

Let us start from the beginning:

Different Legal Practices

  • Arbitration – When it comes to arbitration, it is a form of law that allows us to resolve both commercial and civil disputes outside of the court. Therefore, you should remember that both sides will present a case to a panel of arbitrators or a single one who will decide based on the prior agreement. It is a common option for handling international disputes that do not feature proper jurisdiction as other forms of law.
  • Aviation – This particular form is a part of international, especially for air traveling, among other things. It is an effective way to implement admiralty as well as business aspects that come with air traveling. Keep in mind that the International Civil Aviation Organization is regulating this particular law.
  • Finance and Banking – When it comes to financing and banking, it is a type of law that will regulate different financial products as well as loan transactions. At the same time, the finance lawyer can provide you information as well as advice about banking loans or for handling complex financing arrangements within different jurisdictions. They can operate within the commercial perspective and handle different legal implications that come with significant deals between two businesses or companies. You should check here to learn more about legal practices in general.
  • Clinical Negligence – You should have in mind that this particular law is highly problematic, heart-wrenching, and involved in the long run. Cases tend to involve patients that suffer lifelong injuries due to wrongful treatment as well as other medical issues that may happen due to negligence and other problems along the way.
  • EU – Keep in mind that EU law is affecting all members of the European Union. Its fundamental principles include free market and movement of goods, people, and services, among other things. That is the main reason why they created competition law with an idea to regulate market competition and prevent monopolization of industries.
  • Competition – Competitiveness is an original idea in the world of neoliberal capitalism, primarily due to EU regulations that are allowing all countries to market their goods in all countries that are members. However, competition law is here to ensure that the market is fair for both producers and consumers, and it is here to prevent anti-competitive and unethical practices that can affect both large and small markets.
  • Construction – Generally, this particular legal aspect includes engineering and building construction, among other things. It is a legal perspective that features parts of the property, planning, contract, and commercial laws. If you wish to get specialization in construction law, you will work in disputes for large building projects and handle non-compliance that may happen with construction projects that are on their way.

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  • Criminal – You probably know that criminal law includes a set of regulations that leads to punishment for particular crimes that are violating laws in general. However, criminal law is something that is established by statute. Generally, everyone is free and not guilty until proved otherwise. Still, criminal perspective allows us to prosecute people that have conducted issues that are directly affecting the ethical approaches that surround us.
  • Employment – When it comes to this particular legal aspect, you should know that lawyers are here to help regulate relationships between employees and employers, and vice versa. It includes a set of obligations and rights that both sides have to comply with. Keep in mind that pension and employment laws are related since employees will get access through an employer to a pension scheme. However, pensions come with other regulations, and if you need any advice from someone about it, you should find a specialist in this particular legal aspect.
  • Environmental – You should remember that this particular set of regulations includes standard, customary regulations, and treaties intending to reduce the human impact on the environment that surrounds us. Even though it features forms of international laws, since most treaties come as a result of international agreements, it is also vital for prevailing and state laws separately as well.
  • Family – When it comes to family regulations, it is an essential aspect that deals with domestic relations and family matters, including civil partnerships and marriage, child law, and termination of relationships or divorces. It is an essential aspect of the world of lawyers, and since the ‘70s, it has increased dramatically, especially since the trends have changed as well as rights for both sides.
  • Gambling – Similarly, as you already know, these regulations are affecting the gambling and gaming industries, among other things. Gaming law is not the traditional form, similar to other ones. Still, it is a combination of other areas that we have mentioned above, including administrative, constitutional, regulatory, criminal, contract, and competition laws, among others. It is an important set of rules that controls everything, including fairness, gaming conditions, and terms as well as legality.
  • Human Rights – Even though it seems logical, this particular legal aspect includes every single right that humans have without any additional changes and thoughts. It is a form of international regulation that are protecting everyone’s ability for free speech and decisions that comply with the other regulations. It features fundamental rights that each individual comprises, which means that lawyers will help you prevent issues, including slavery, torture, and the ability to undergo proper and regulated trials whatever you committed beforehand.
  • Immigration – Finally, this particular type of policy is the ability to control both deportation and immigration of people as well as handling other matters that are important for obtaining citizenship. Everything depends on the country you wish to go to, but it is a form of international cases that are determining whether it is legal to detain immigrants or not. The best way to learn more about immigration laws in the US is by checking here for additional info.

Final Word

As you can see from everything we’ve mentioned above, you can choose different types of legal practices to specialize and improve your knowledge.

At the same time, you need to be familiar with these practices to determine which lawyer is best for your particular needs.

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