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Politics – CartoonsChinese Coronavirus: Globalism Fails! Now You Know Why Globalism Fails!Ahreeman X Coronavirus Origin Coverup by China and Liberal MediaCoronavirus Diaries: Day EternityHappy Nowruz Persian New Year, Happy Spring and Happy Chinese Coronavirus Lockdown! Spring is in the air; do you smell it? Or is it the rotten smell […]

Politics – Cartoons
Chinese Coronavirus: Globalism Fails!
Now You Know Why Globalism Fails!
Ahreeman X

Coronavirus Origin Coverup by China and Liberal Media
Coronavirus Diaries: Day Eternity
Happy Nowruz Persian New Year, Happy Spring and Happy Chinese Coronavirus Lockdown! Spring is in the air; do you smell it? Or is it the rotten smell of the Coronavirus?! A Persian expression states:
“Sali ke nekust, az baharash, peydast!”
(A great year is judged by its spring!)

What I Believe?
The Fundamentals!
Ahreeman X

New 3rd Edition of an Old Classic by the Popular Demand
A Mixture of Modern & Classical Poetry, Something Different!
Persian Cultural Month Special Edition
What I Believe?
I believe in Heroic Sagas and Tragic Tales!
I believe in Legendary Efforts and Amazing Struggles!
I believe in swimming against the waves and flow of the river! more

Nowruz Persian New Year Graphics
Coronavirus, Liberals & Nowruz
Ahreeman X

Politically Incorrect Nowruz with Ahreeman X
Coronavirus, Liberals and Nowruz Humor
Haji Firuz History
Amu Nowruz (Uncle New Year) brings on the New Year on the first day of Spring (symbol of rejuvenation and greens), Nane Sarma (Mother Freeze) is his love which hands her season (winter) to his (spring), and Haji Firuz is his side kick and comic relief. Haji more

Photo Gallery – Culture
Nationalist Haft Sin Table of Nowruz 2020
Happy Persian New Year to All
Ahreeman X

Nowruz 2579 PIY (Persian Imperial Year): Happy Persian New Year
It is Nowruz
Nowruz is the most important festival of Iran and the Greater Iran (The Iranian Plateau) Iranic nations in the world. Nowruz and its 2 weeks of Persian New Year holidays starting with Chahar Shanbeh Suri (Persian Fire Festival) and ending with Sizdah Be Dar (Persian Picnic Outdoors) are simply fabulous. As a kid back in Iran, I was more

Mehdi Akhavan Sales

New Ahreeman X Translation of M. Omid’s Eternal Masterpiece
It is Winter, The Weather is so Unforgivingly Cold!
Winter (Zemestan) Poem in Persian & English
The Winter (Zemestan) is yet another heavyweight in the Modern Persian poetry. It is a hard to translate masterpiece by Mehdi Akhavan Sales who referred to himself as “M. Omid” which abbreviates as Mehdi of Hope. Translating this poem requires a bit of writing more

The Footsteps of Water
Seda-ye Pa-ye Ab
Sohrab Sepehri

New Ahreeman X Translation of the Sohrab Sepehri Masterpiece
The Footsteps of Water Poem in Persian & English
Poem: Sohrab Sepehri +
Introduction & Translation: Ahreeman X
I have always wanted to translate this masterpiece but have never found the time to actually do it. There are various translations of this poem out there on the cyber space, some are disastrous and some are fine but none of them are excellent and up to my standards more

Forbidden Poetry
Shahyar Ghanbari

New Edition: Everything is Forbidden in Iran, Even Thought!
Celebrating Shahyar Ghanbari Poem in Persian & English
Introduction: Ahreeman X
Poem: Shahyar Ghanbari
Blue of the sea is forbidden
The desire to see, is forbidden
The love between two fish is forbidden more

Forgotten Ctesiphon
Glory & Destruction of Ctesiphon
Amir Arsalan
Glorious Capital of the Persian Empire & Envy of the World
Never Forget What Arabo-Muslims Had Done to Ctesiphon!
Forgotten Ctesiphon
Ctesiphon, awaken from your sleepy disdain
I’ve come from far, to talk with you again
Arise, and stretch your limbs of old
I’ve come to reminisce, and recall the city of gold more

Ancient Land
Kohan Bum
Mehdi Akhavan Sales
Eternal Epic Nationalistic Poem of M. Omid: Kohan Bum
Poem: Mehdi Akhavan Sales (M. Omid)
Translation: Ahreeman X
Once a while there comes a poem which sets the heart and soul of every true Persian Nationalist on fire. “Ancient Land” is one of those poems and Mehdi Akhavan Sales (M. Omid) is the poet. This type of poem is exactly the type which I would find time to translate more

Coronavirus, IRGC & Chinese Mullahs!
How did it Spread?
Ahreeman X
Origins & Spread of the Coronavirus, The Real Story!
How did IRGC Spread the Coronavirus?
How have Mullahs Infected the World?

Nationwide Epidemic
Coronavirus had spread in Iran starting from Qom to Arak, then Tehran and northward to Amol and now it has spread like a cancer in the shape of octopus tentacles in all directions more

Photo Galleries
Iranian Old Advertisement Posters
4 Parts
Haj Seyed Reza
New Edition: Iranian Oldies but Goodies
4 Parts of Old Iranian Ads: Magazine, Newspaper & TV Ads
Let’s go back over 4 decades to the Imperial Iran of before 1979. Remember the old Iranian Newspaper and magazine ads? Remember the old Iranian TV ads? Most of these ads go back to those times. Lots of memories are hidden in them. These are the Iranian Old Advertisement Posters of the Imperial Iran, before 1979 more

Music – Parodies
Funny Islamic Songs and Lyrics
Islamist Parodies
IPC Operations & Various Artists
New Edition: Parodies from Allah!
Warning: Extremely Politically Incorrect Islamist Parodies!
Starring Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra
Artists: Frank Sinatra Spirit, Bom bin Yur Shu, Anonymous Australian Chipmunk, & the legendary
Sheik Yer’ Mami.
Bleeding Heart Liberals and Muslim Apologists, please switch the channel from IPC to CNN more

Baha’i versus Islam on Revision of Quran
Battle of Cults
Ahreeman X
New Edition: Baha’i versus Islam – In Depth Analysis
Islam versus Baha’i – Battle of the Beasts!
Monsters of Cult Ignorance: Who will win? Free Thinking will lose!

In this article we shall analyze the Baha’i Doctrine and the Islamic Doctrine and then their stands on the revision of Quran. This article is a response to my dear fellow philosopher, valuable author and comrade, Nicholas Ginex; however, all of you good people may benefit by more

The Mirror
Dark Persian Poetry
Ahreeman X
New Edition of an Old Classic Poem
The Mirror – Dark Persian Poetry of Ahreeman X
It was a mystical night, captured by the shadows …
In the mirror on the wall, I saw a glow.
The voice in the glass, spoke to me very slow.
Hear yee, hear yee, you in the shadow.
Lend me your ears and grasp the flow: more

Fashion – Models
Negzzia Persian Lethal Sexy Model
Chasing a Dream
From Model in Comfort of Tehran to Homeless in Streets of Paris
Escaped Iran for Her Career to Chase Her Modeling Dream
A Dangerous Journey for a Persian Lethal Sexy Model

Negzzia was born as Negin in Iran. Her father an engineer and her mother a yoga instructor cherished her as their only child. She was raised in a good middle class home. Back in Iran, Negzzia had a career as a photographer and then a model. She was modeling more

Features – Philosophy
Subconscious Mind & Brain Wash
Power of Subconscious Mind
Ahreeman X
Meditation, Hypnosis & Brain Wash Usage for Scientific Progress
My Experiments with the Subconscious Mind
Brain Waves & Subconscious Mind
In meditative state, brain waves slow down so there is a bigger chance for subliminal messages to affect the subconscious mind. Once the subconscious mind is manipulated into believing something, then the conscious mind will automatically get affected more

History – Politics
Democrats Always Misfire on Iran!
Democrats Disastrous Foreign Policy on Iran
Ahreeman X
History of Democrats & Mullahs 4 Decades of Cooperation!
Democrats’ Hands in the Deep Pocket of Iran Lobby!
Why is it that Democrats Always Misfire on Iran?
Democrats and Media which are the same entity have been misfiring on Iran for now over 40 years! Democrats always misanalyse, miscalculate, mis-plan, and misplay their hand in the Iranian poker game. Through the decades, these misfires had caused sad more

Movement – Politics
Iran Lobby’s Anti-War Misinformation Campaign
Iran Lobby is at it again!
Ahreeman X
George Soros & Iran Lobby’s Co-Production Anti Trump Show!
Welcome to the Show Provided by the Lying Liberal Media
WWIII Already Ended!
Trump plays the IRI Regime, Mullahs, Liberal Media and Democrats like a fine-tuned flute! Trump knows exactly what to say and what to do to get the upper hand by getting an overreaction from the Islamists and the Liberals. As tensions between the US and IRI were more

Dialogues – Debate
Islamic Problem & Solution Debate
Is Islam Reformable?
Dr. Ali Sina vs. Nicholas Ginex
Can Islamic Problem in 21sth Century be Solved?
Can Islamic Terrorism be Defeated?
Dr. Ali Sina vs. Nicholas Ginex Debate on Islam & Muslims
On this last day of the year 2019, we will publish an enlightening debate on Islam and philosophy by two great minds; therefore, the IPC readers, the free thinkers, the students and the public can more

Photo Gallery
Only in Iran: Part 17
Those Funny Crazy Persians
Ahreeman X
Persian Christmas Special
Tis the Season from Around Iran
Those Funny Crazy Persians are at it again!
Pin the needle up Mullahs’ booty, Dala, lala la, lala la la, Fala lala …
Hallow Kiddies, come gather around Papa Ahreeman for yet another Christmas Tale of 1001 Persian Nights. On behalf of Little Red Persian Hood and myself, Merry Christmas and Happy more

Philosophy – Photo Gallery
Universal Intelligence vs. God
What is Universal Intelligence & Universal Trinity?
Ahreeman X
What is Your Purpose for Existence? What is the Meaning of Life?
Are You Looking for Answers? How did Everything Started to Exist?
Are You a Universal Man? Are You Future Compatible?

The Spaceship

You are about to step in to a spaceship, to be precise, a starship cruiser for an exciting space travel, a trip deep in to the trenches of your mind, a Mind Bending Trip indeed. As of now, you are unsure more

Art Gallery – Art Review
Abbas Derissi New Hope Gallery
A New Beginning
Abbas Derissi
New Hope Gallery
Marriage of Colors and Patterns becomes Art
Abbas Derissi in one of the most internationally known Iranian American painters. Derissi is one of the Iranian Art Masters. Derissi is famous for his Surrealist paintings; however, he is also known for his Abstract, Surreal Abstract and his special blend of “Clay and Hay” paintings in which he actually uses hay straws to portray the more

Movement – Photos
Iranian Opposition Needs Guns
Armed Struggle is the Only Solution
Ahreeman X
Iran in Smoke, Fire and Blood => Guns = Freedom
Armed IRI Military and Police vs. Unarmed People
Women Uprising Against the Mullahs is Admirable
Once again, the streets of Iran are on smoke, fire and blood. The history repeats itself. This turn around, we are fighting to put an end to a 1400 years old problem named Islam! Over 100 cities of Iran are burning with riots. The significant element about these riots more

Deep State Coup Against Trump & the People
Democrat Party Coup Against the American People
Ahreeman X
National Populism vs. Globalism
Deep State Wants to Overthrow the Will of the American People
Deep State in War with Trump & American People Since 2016
Have you taken a trip to the Washington DC lately? Instead of sensing a glorious feeling due to standing in the capital of the most unique democracy in the globe, you will feel dirty, sticky, and unclean due to the thick firm of filth spreading all over the city and Swamp more

X Diaries
Russian & Scandinavian Cruise Travel Diaries
Ahreeman X Internationally Incorrect Incidents
Ahreeman X
Ahreeman X Politically Incorrect Episodes
Chapter 1: Denmark, Sweden & Finland Diaries
Chapter 2: Russia, Estonia, Germany & Norway Diaries
Climate Change Mass Psychosis
It all started in Denmark and then it expanded all through the Europe. My observations and analysis of this phenomenon was educational, surprising and regretful! Of course, the majority more

Movement – Politics
Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby Godmother in San Diego
Shahri Estakhry Iran Lobby’s Faithful Servant
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou
Shahri Estakhry the Dark Godmother of Iran Lobby Mafia
Persian Cultural Center PCC an Arm of NIAC and PAAIA
Shahri Estakhry Unmasked
At the first glance, Shahri Estakhry looks like a typical fine little Persian Grandmother, a nice pillar of the Persian Community in San Diego, a Humanitarian Do Gooder, a Good Neighbor and a Lovely Old Lady but all of that is only the façade and a mask on more

Politics – Movement
IRI is Dying? Long Live Free Iran!
Islamic Republic of Iran is Dying!
Ahreeman X
Islamic Republic of Iran is Dying. Not a Minute Too Soon!
Mullahs’ Regime End is Near, Thank Allah or Trump?!
Under the maximum pressure from the US sanctions, economic meltdown and ongoing protests, Islamic Republic of Iran’s Regime is dying. Not a minute to soon! Death of Islamic Republic of Iran’s terrorist sponsoring regime is the desire of every freedom loving Iranian inside Iran and around the world. The only people which will be sad more

Movement – Politics
Is City of San Diego Funding Terrorism: PCC?
Persian Cultural Center of San Diego – PCC
Ahreeman X
City of San Diego Funding Terrorism Persian Cultural Center PCC?!
San Diego City Government Finances Iran Lobby
Is SD City Government Incompetent, Corrupt or Both?
For 40 years I have served the Iranian Opposition as a Freedom Fighter against the IRI Islamic Regime. For 20 years I have served the Iranian Opposition with IPC (Iran Politics Club). IPC is the largest Iranian website in English in the globe and the backbone of the more

There are 2 Types of Muslims!
Beyond Liberal Media Lies
Ahreeman X
There are no such people as Radical Muslims or Moderate Muslims
These are Fabricated Terms by the Fake News Western Liberal Media
In Reality there are 2 Types of Muslims:
A) True Muslims
B) Ignorant Muslims

Who is Who?
Self-Educate: Read the Quran and Judge for Yourselves more

Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters
Iran Graphics
Ahreeman X & IPC Operations
New Collection of Iran Nationwide Protests Political Posters
IRI Islamic Regime is dying, Long Live Free Iran! Due to American Sanctions, Maximum Pressure, Collapsed Economy and Mullahs’ Warmongering Expansionist Policy in the Middle East, soon or late Islamic Republic of Iran’s Regime will die out and fade away. It is only matter of time. A Regime which is not based on justice and allegiance to the people, is bound to die. This is a historical more

History Series – Photo Galleries
Last Persian Emperor
Final Shahanshah of Persian Colonial Empire
Ahreeman X
Aqa Mohammad Shah, The Real Story
Historically Condemned or Historical Hero?
Psychological Thriller Deep in the Psyche of Aqa Mohammad Shah!

New Research in 4 Chapters + Photo Galleries with over 200 Images
* Who was the last Persian Emperor?
* Why was Persian Empire fallen & turned to the Persian Kingdom?
* What historical lesson have we learned from this fall? more

Movement – Photo Gallery
Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego PCC
Investigative Expose in 2 Parts
Ahreeman X & Catayoun Razmjou
NIAC, PAAIA, PCC, AIAP Fake NPOs Corruption
$ Millions of Dollars of IRI Money Laundry in San Diego
PCC Persian Cultural Center of San Diego Exposed
AIAP Association of Iranian-American Professionals Exposed
To lobby for a terrorist sponsor regime is illegal in USA. IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) is the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the globe; therefore, Iran Lobby is technically illegal in USA more

History Book – Photo Galleries
Mitra Persian Sun Goddess & Mitraism
Foundations of Christianity!
Ahreeman X
When Celebrating Christmas, Remember that it came from Iran!
Mitra & Mitraism: Foundations of Christianity!
Book of Mitra in 5 Chapters: Pictorial History with 300 Photos
I am going to offer you two pills, take the Blue Pill and believe in whatever you want as the organized religion, Shiite Islam and the Christian Church have been preaching to you for millenniums, take the more



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