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Angelena Iglesia

            Our mission is      to inform and educate the public in fuchsia culture,      to promote the growing and showing of fuchsias, […]



Our mission is

     to inform and educate the
public in fuchsia culture,

     to promote the growing and showing of fuchsias,

     to provide the communication link to our member

American cultivar photos:   L to R

Top- ‘Princessita’- (Niederholzer, 1940); ‘Royal Mosaic’- 
(Garrett, 1991); ‘Golden Anniversary’-  (Stubbs, 1980);  ‘Ada
Perry’  (Stubbs, 1983); ‘Mrs. Lovell Swisher’-

         (Evans &
Reeves, 1942)

Middle-  ‘Roy Walker’-  (Walker, R, 1975);
‘Baby Ann’- (Unknown & Westover, 1976)

Bottom-  ‘Ovation’- (Stubbs, 1981);  ‘Clashing
Beauty’- Monnier, ~2013; ‘Astoria’- Unknown, 1960; ‘Voodoo’- (Tiret,
1953); ‘Bouffant’- (Tiret, 1949)


Current news and updates:


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Better late than never
the February 2020 on-line
edition of the Flash Newsletter is ready for your reading pleasure.


is a new
Scholarship Application
posted on the scholarships


The calendar of
events has been updated for 2019 and posted to the Important Dates page and
updated as of May 15, 2019.


The societies
page has also been updated as March 4, 2019.

Photos of Fuchsia Blossoms

Key to location:
 Container Photos- CP; Event Photos- EP; FF- Fuchsia Features;
HF- Hardy Fuchsia List; HP-
Home Page; ID- Important Dates;  L- Links

Pictured but too
numerous to list here:  500+ Hardies &  F. Species. 
Go to the appropriate sections where they are shown alphabetically.


Ada Perry- L, HP

Ambassador- L

Astoria- HP, FF

Aurea- CF, HF

Baby Ann- HP

Beacon-  HF

Blue Eyes- FF

Blue Gem- CF

Blue Pinwheel- L

Bouffant- HP

Brookwood Belle- CF

Cardinal- FF, HF

Clashing Beauty-  HP

Daniel Lambert-  HF

DebRon’s Funny Valentine-

Deep Purple-  FF

First Love- FF

Golden Anniversary-  HP

Jack of Hearts- L

Kam- HF

Katrina Thompson- CF

Lilian Annetts- EP

Little Beauty- FF

Mrs. Lovel Swisher- HP

Ovation- HP

Princessita- HP

Pussy Cat- CF

Roy Walker- HP

Sara- FF

Shelford-  CF

Southgate- FF

Royal Mosaic- HP

Swingtime- CF

Sylvia Barker- CF

Thalia- CF

Tom Thumb- FF

Tom West-  CF, ID

Voodoo- HP

WALZ Jubelteen- CF

Waveney Gem- CF

Whiteknight’s Pearl-  CF






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