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A contemporary civilization collapses when the majority of its institutions, ministers and political choices and actions turn out to be harmful to the economy, education, health, justice and social issues. Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic Inability, incompetence, falseness, lie, delirium, fanaticism, hypocrisy, weakness, presumption, arrogance, totalitarianism and other similar […]

contemporary civilization collapses when the majority of its
institutions, ministers and political choices and actions turn out to
be harmful to the economy, education, health, justice and social

Sergio Mattarella, President of the Republic

incompetence, falseness, lie, delirium, fanaticism, hypocrisy,
weakness, presumption, arrogance, totalitarianism and other similar
aspects are the only qualities that represent the Italian Prime
Minister and all his pool of Ministers.

Giuseppe Conte, Premier of Italy

Conte, the premier of Italy, whose arrogance and presumption clings,
as in a struggle in the mud, with his incompetence, who then in the
face of his own choices, actions and consequences, disastrous, points
the finger at the others, accuse and blame others. Here his feeling
of arrogance comes into play, at the highest levels, also calling on
the judiciary to help him fight against his own ghosts.

Conte, for these and other reasons, I would consider him, without any
doubt, to a Pyongyang of Italy, where with his power he puts in place
plans and actions of totalitarianism precisely from former socialist
and communist countries of the East, persecuting and hurling himself
against his opponents.

bad luck, and our luck, is given by the fact that we live in Italy,
an EU member country, and that in 2020 is regulated by international
laws and treaties, which safeguard its survival. Otherwise, however,
this character would have perfectly configured himself as a modern
Slobodan Milosevic, starting without any compliments a real ethnic
cleansing against his opponents.

Nicola Zingaretti, leader PD

in this Italian theater he is not alone, he is placed in good
company, where a Nicola Zingaretti puts at the top of every political
program, only and exclusively the IUS SOLI. Many will wonder what
this IUS SOLI is, well, this is a bill with which we want to grant,
unconditionally and without having the minimum requirements that
every nation in the world would require, the right of Italian
citizenship to all immigrants.

do you want to do this? Simply to ensure greater active electorate,
as the moment in which an individual perceives citizenship, he will
consequently also have the right to vote, so Nicola Zingaretti, the
whole left and this absurd government, aspire to this to guarantee
more and more votes and keep control of political power. An act that
is however endorsed by the President of the Republic, Sergio
Mattarella, who faced a real and clear crisis of government,
preferred to do as Pontius Pilate, washing his hands, but in full
knowledge of the cause and will for what he was doing, he used the
constitutionally correct trick to appoint a new government, despite
the fact that it was entirely illegitimate according to the
principles of democracy, as it was not elected by the people.

Luigi Di Maio, Foreign Minister

said that, we boast an unparalleled government team in the history of
world politics, with a Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, whose
cultural preparation is comparable only to that of an ignorant goat,
without any knowledge and technical competence in the role assigned
to him. , without speaking a single word of English, without
understanding anything of economics and international politics, do we
see him confronting high-profile politicians on international
decisions, and would this individual at least be able to understand
the topic being addressed? Would it be able to make obvious and
concrete choices for the good of a nation? Let’s not forget that some
government actions, of an economic and financial nature, when he was
minister of economic development, resulted in the closure of the only
steel producer in Italy, ILVA of Taranto; the closure of the
production sector of Whirlpool of Campania; the relocation of the
Coca Cola production plant in Sicily, the closure of thousands of
artisan and autonomous activities; the closure of small and
medium-sized enterprises, as well as the foreign relocation of the
production of many companies. The only thing this individual managed
to do was to create a large number of unemployed.

Lorenzo Fioramonti, Ex Minister of Education

To his tightrope actions we add those of a Minister of Education, a certain Lorenzo Fioramonti, who his only actions for the education of Italian schools was to eliminate crucifixes from schools, a symbol of Christianity and Italian culture, being here the Vatican, because it offended Muslim culture. So do we close or bring down the Vatican too? But the most ingenious of all, was to propose, for an increase in teachers’ salaries, a tax on school snacks … in short, a rather idiotic minister. Imagine a physical education professor who favors and encourages the consumption of snacks? Where has the principle and concept of education and protection of minors gone, which schools must do? If the snacks are an unhealthy meal, then the school must absolutely prohibit the sale in its distributors or snack bars, and in any case guarantee a decent pay to the teachers for the work, the role and the mission they play, and not from the sale of snacks. After a while this donkey resigns and another one arrives … a

Lucia Azzolina, Ministry of Education

Lucia Azzolina, one who will have to give an account of why the elaborate of her specialization and teaching qualification thesis was copied, therefore owned by a another student, who deserves more than she to fill this role, since she has obtained the qualification and the suitability for teaching with this paper which was not her property. This is a cross-section of the Italian education.

Alfonso Bonafede, Minister of Justice

tackling, then, the question of justice and legality, we will laugh
as ever, with such a corrupt judiciary that even in Maduro’s
Venezuela such obscenities do occur, having much more dignity than
carrying out some, but in Italy we want demonstrate how idiotic she
is at all costs. The Italian Minister of Justice, a certain Alfonso
Bonafede, after clearly demonstrating that he does not know the
distinction between a culpable crime and an intentional crime, hoping
that he has studied it to date, then gave his best with a clear
evidence of personal interpretation of the prescription of crimes.
But the non plus ultra of the Italian legal havoc has shown it with
the bill with which, in fact, would cancel in a single gesture the
concept and the principle of the SRL, which was founded in the
Italian civil code system in 1942. This corporate concept made it
possible to set up numerous companies, where their firm principles
were given by the liability limited to the company, its assets and
its capital. In this way many companies were born and risked in the
entrepreneurial adventure, raising the Italian economy in times of
great need and prosperity for the nation. Today this great mononeural
minister has established that the administrators of the SRLs will
answer for everything in the name and on behalf of the company also
with personal property. So what sense would an srl have? What sense
would it make to risk personal property at higher costs? Who would
open a company anymore? Who would you hire? Who would take on this
responsibility? In short, a series of questions, doubts and
perplexities that immediately spilled over into the Italian business

picture of Italian healthcare, which prides itself on being a free
service for the citizen, in fact it is in the measure and action of
medical simplicity and the practice of healthcare, but in fact cuts
to healthcare, reduction of hospital stays , reduced investments,
reduced staff, reduced wages for researchers and doctors, has in fact
put the national medical service on the sidelines, which is clearly
showing itself with the current covid-19 contagion crisis.

Benetton’s Family

The road infrastructures, which were entrusted in concession to the Benetton family, actually represent a further failure of this government. In Italy you pay a tax defined illegal by the EU itself, the car tax, which is the most tender in Europe, in addition to the motorway tolls which are also among the most expensive in Europe, whose payments are intended to guarantee the maintenance of road and motorway networks. In fact, however, we are witnessing a lack of execution of the works, and killers and criminals like the Benettons, only deposit the money on their current accounts without ever properly carrying out the road maintenance works, and which consume their criminal acts causing collapses of bridges, underpasses, detachment of pieces of tunnels or elements of infrastructures, because not only the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, but various other shortcomings are to be attributed to them.

Mattia Santori, leader Sardine and Benetton’s friend
Oliviero Toscani, servant a Benetton’s family

The Benettons continue in their intent with the complicity of the government and those who support them, such as Matteo Santori of the Sardine Movement or of the other brain injured by Oliviero Toscani.

Luciana Lamorgese, Ministry of the Interior

short, but in the essentials for some guidelines, Italy is a nation
with a total collapse. A totalitarian government of the Bolshevik
type, but which fortunately of the Italians is protected by the EU,
otherwise the Prime Minister would have made Italy another Bosnia.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs which is in complete disarray; the
Minister of Justice who lacks the inability to understand and want,
the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, who lets in freely,
without health or legal checks, any sort of immigrant comes to the
borders of the nation.

At this point I say … you are an honest and hard working person, who would like to live in Italy … think again … here you will find an authoritarian form of government, the taxation of over 70%; poorly functioning education, free health care for basic; corrupt and non-existent justice and legality; absence of tranquility and serenity of life; dirty and garbage-filled cities; non-existent social security; paved business activities; a banking system dedicated to friends of friends, so, like the law, it is not the same for everyone …. if you are an unpretentious person, you have no interest in behaving honestly and seriously, Italy is for you. ..you can steal, rob and kill without problems because you will never go to jail, on the contrary if the police have been harsh, you can report them and you will be compensated; you are free to shit in public gardens, to piss on monuments, to peddle drugs, because the judges believe that if you don’t have a job it is legal to peddle for a living; to beat and kill a woman so that you don’t risk anything; not to pay your creditors because the law is silent; to evade taxes because our politicians do it first, so it is normal; not to pay the ticket for public transport, so if a controller stops you can beat him and nothing is done to you, neither for the ticket, which you did not have, nor because you sent the controller to the hospital..in short, Italy has become the nation where you can legally do any illegal act.

Italian people

Thanks to all the Italian politicians, and to that part of the Italian people that you are allowing everything, for reducing the most beautiful country in the world to shame and misery. in the photos you have seen some causes of Italy’s problems.

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