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142 1419 E 15th StTulsa, OK 74120 (918) 392-7667 This vegan and vegan sweetie went to society burgers for a pregame snack. We both ordered the impossible Burgers vegan style and a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette. And of course two beers. The side salads were nicely green with croutons […]


1419 E 15th St
Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 392-7667

This vegan and vegan sweetie went to society burgers for a pregame snack. We both ordered the impossible Burgers vegan style and a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette. And of course two beers.

The side salads were nicely green with croutons in a tangy balsamic vinaigrette. The burgers came out with double patties, vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes.

Brooke took great care of us with her attentive service.

This is the best impossible Burger in Tulsa.

Had lunch there! Was very good!!
My friend and i split the Cream cheese burger and the pimento cheese and bacon hot dip ( was wonderful!) .. had plently left over also!
It’s kinda loud in there but over all nice place, i will go back!!

Review based off of drinks.

Their cocktail menu leaves much left to be desired for since most of them are based in some sugary soda. I had the whiskey sour, one of the few without soda in it, and it was average. Not super strong on the whiskey, not sour, just meh. Just based on the cocktail menu alone, I would give it a 3/5.

But, what takes this place to a 4/5 is its menu of craft beer. Lots of local favorites on tap from American Solera, Prairie, Heirloom and more. I’ve always wanted to order one of their boozy shakes to try, but I’m too full from dinner earlier in the evening, so one day I’ll be back to try their food and that shake!

Good vegan burger, not worth the price. It was somehow very greasy which made it feel fast-foody rather than high quality. My mom had the tuna sandwich and said it was good, but nothing special. Sweet potato fries were basic.

We wanted to watch the games in a non sports bar environment, and eat really good quality food that doesn’t taste frozen like most popular chain restaurants; Society delivered. The overall atmosphere is very laid back, I appreciate how the owner took the time to make the outdoor seating area as comfortable as the indoor seating area.

Our server Veronica was very pleasant, and attentive. My husband ordered the Haystack, truffle fries, and JalapeƱo cheddar tots. My son ordered the Bacon & Cheese Burger with fries. I ordered the Bella (the only vegetarian option,) and sweet potato fries. We spilt a Blackberry Milkshake; everything was filled with flavor, and overall really good.

Prior to visiting I was hesitant because the menu is small, but don’t let that deter your visit because the customer service, and food is superb. The checkout process was very efficient also, Veronica provided us a handheld device to check ourselves out, add a tip, select an option on how we wanted our receipt, and provide feedback on our experience.
The owner/manager Jim walked around and checked on all of the guests, ensuring everyone was satisfied, he also helped his staff as much as he could ensuring everyone was satisfied.
We will return, and highly recommend.

Finally got to try this place out and was enticed by so many items on the menu! We ordered the bacon cheese fries, spicy turkey, and the Okie. The cheese fries were pretty good, especially with the extra gouda underneath all the melted goodness. My friend had the spicy turkey, and I was actually very surprised by how good it was – I loved the flavor the avocado ranch brought! I had the Okie and you can’t beat that one if you’re one for the onion burgers like me. The burger was juicy, not greasy, and delicious. We had our eyes on the Nashville chicken bites app but went for the fries since the burgers don’t come with a side. I’ll definitely be back to try the other menu options. They’ve also got live music on Friday nights and we really enjoyed listening to guy who sang the night we were there too!

Finally tried Society on a Sunday evening with my wife and our three teenage boys. I have been hearing about it from my friends ever since it opened, all with positive reviews.

They were not very busy, which was nice, but we grabbed an inside table even though they have some outdoor seating with cooling misters. We prefer to eat in total comfort! Still a bit warm and humid. (However, the bar has “garage doors” that are open and basically expose the inside to the outside – but it was still comfortable inside.)

Two of my boys started with chocolate shakes, which were delicious and featured a lined chocolate sauce “jar” and whipped cream.

We started with fried pickles with ranch and their pimento and bacon jam starters. The pickles were fried perfectly and paired well with the homemade ranch. The pimento and bacon jam was like a queso dish – it came with toasted bread, but may work better with a chip or something less substantial than the toast/crostini.

Our burgers included the signature “Theta” burger with the caramelized cheese skirt, an Okie burger, great for onion lovers, the blue (blue cheese and bacon) burger, a pim and jam (pimento cheese and bacon jam) burger, and finally their hot chicken sandwich.

We shared orders of truffle fries and their regular fries.

All burgers got thumbs up – nice griddled thin double 3 ounce patties give them great flavor and texture.

The hot chicken was perfectly fried and had a nice Cole slaw to balance the heat – mayo was included but may be redundant with the creamy slaw.

Fries were crispy and fresh – truffle fries were bathed in a truffle aioli type of sauce and garnished with green onion.

Haley our server was attentive and timely in her service. She handled a few special requests with ease and paying was a breeze with a handheld device they leave with you to run your card.

Overall, impressed with Society and would definitely return.

I picked this spot because I saw a photo of a cheese skirt on a burger. Once we arrived, I ordered just that!

The burger was tasty, juicy, and not too s for lay even though there was what seemed like a pound of cheese!

We also ordered some drinks, sweet potato fries & tots. All good.

Excellent food! Great place to watch the game šŸ™‚

Pimento cheese and bacon jam appetizer yummy! Chicken stax sandwich delicious , have had the Theta, if you love cheddar this is the sandwich for you!

Finally made it in, it is right next to our favorite Tulsa restaurant “Kilkenny’s”. The place has the feel of a trendy pub, very welcoming with 3 big screen tv’s over the bar. Very appealing.

To begin with, we ordered the pimento cheese and bacon jam, served with what I call crustini’s (French bread that has been toasted in the oven). This was A-MAZ-ING!!! Serves in a hot skillet, I am upset I didn’t get a picture now. Great flavor and consistency.

For our main meal, the wife got the Everything Burger (burger with an everything bun, pickled jalapenos and sauteed onions in the burger) with a combo of sweet potato fries and jalapeno cheese tots. I ordered the Theta Burger (Burger with fried pickles, mayo, bbq sauce, and a skirt of cheddar cheese) with fries and jalapeno cheese tots. The Theta was very good (I can feel my arteries hardening), just could have used a little more bbq sauce and less mayo. The Everything was good, though not great. As my wife stated, she couldn’t really notice the jalapenos.

One main point we have to note is the service. It was awesome. I don’t remember the young mans name, but he did a superb job of taking care of us. Also, it should be noted, if you consume alcohol(I don’t anymore) they have a boat load of different beers, mostly from local breweries.

If your looking for a burger joint to have a brew, watch a game and eat a good burger, this is your place!

The food choices here are limited, but awesome. Everything we had was awesome. I had a spicy chicken sandwich and jalapeƱo cheddar tots, delicious.
We sat in the bar and had Logan waiting on us, he did a fantastic job. He was bartending, and waiting the group of tables in the bar, including bussing his tables and just never stopped!
I chugged some ice tea and he was always there with another!
I’d highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a good burger or chicken sandwich!

Society is overpriced, period. It costs roughly $10 for a burger that was never 1/4 pound to begin with. They do have a pimento burger which is awesome but nothing can justify that price. I would walk next door and get a 1/2′ burger at kilkennys for the same price. The patio is great for drinking and hanging but for the most part I would consider this joint marginal at best.

Second time I’ve been here. This time I had decided to get their classic burger. Added bacon for $2.00. Probably the most greasiest burger I’ve ever had in a restaurant. For two dollars extra for bacon I was expecting actual strips of bacon instead of bacon bits? The fries were a mixed bag. Some were colder than others and kinda undercooked and some didn’t seem fresh but were warm. Not really sure how they managed that. Overall experience is a 3. Cool spot but nothing special.

Omg yaaaaaaaas Society! The BEST and I do mean the BEST hot chix sandwich I’ve eaten and even better than hot chix at Hattie B’s in Nashville. It’s legit folks. Fried pickles were also oh so yummy and so were the sides of Mac n’ cheese and sweet potato fries. Oh my!! Right off Cherry Street in the heart of good eats in the downtown Tulsa area. Service was also top notch which made this experience 5 stars for us.

This place is set back off the road a little bit so it can be hard to see… BUT it is worth checking out. The vibe is super chill and with the beautiful spring weather the covered patio is perfect!

All the food was fresh and well made. Chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The lettuce was crisp and flavorful. The entire salad I got was perfect!

Definitely suggest trying it out if you are by Cherry street… the worst part is the parking on cherry street! Lol

We sat on the very nice patio, which has TVs, a fireplace, heaters, and windows that open. There was some pretty inventive stuff on the menu, including the Everything burger, which was pretty delicious. It’s like a cross between a burger, everything bagel, and jalapeno popper. I was worried it would be too big because there are two patties, but it’s a fairly small circumference, and the patties are thin, so it was just the right amount for me. The jalapeno cheddar tater tots were good, but I didn’t really taste any cheese. The servers kept our drinks full and were very nice. They do have a happy hour; I believe it’s from 4-6, and you get a dollar off certain drinks. And they have some boozy milkshakes that sounded delicious. I will be back!

Get their classic burger. It was great. My friend got the okie and it didn’t have flavor at all. Maybe cause she passed up on the fried onions? I don’t know but the lackluster fries doesn’t have me coming back for more. They were cold and dull. Would have liked a better fry style or more fresh fries.

Great burger
I love the patio. It is closed in when the weather is cold but open in nice weather
Laid back atmosphere
My son got the club with sweet potato fries. He loved it and said the salad was good too with the avocado dressing
I got the sroom burger. It was juicy and lots of flavor. The fries were hot and very good. I could only eat half.
The vibe is modern and fresh and clean
Staff was friendly and helpful
Full bar, lots of beer options
Street parking or behind building

The food was good. The service was great. The patio seating was stellar.

This was my first time tonight and I LOVED it. I ordered the theta burger and boozy shake and some fried pickles — and I’m going to start craving another round soon.

Every bite was so amazing. Our server, Jessica, took such good care of us. She is one of those food servers that you can tell really loves what she does.

Next time I’m in Tulsa – this is a must visit restaurant.

Looking for some good food with some good friends? Whether it be cheese fries or amazing burgers, this is the place. Not to mention they take care of your pup all at the same time. They brought Koa his own water bowl and dog treats! Definitely a must!!

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