Six examples of government waste from this year’s budget-hawk reports

Citizens Against Government Waste released its annual “Prime Cuts” report this month, recommending programs that the government could eliminate for some $648 billion in savings next year.

The group has conservative roots, but its recommendations affect a wide variety of programs, from farm aid and defense spending to AmeriCorps and community-development grants.

Also this month, Rep. Steve Russell (R-Okla.) released the first edition of “Waste Watch,” following in the footsteps of former Sen. Tom Coburn

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Body Politic: Meaning And Examples Of The Popular Idiom “Body Politic”

Have you ever come across the phrase body politic during an English conversation and thought about what the phrase means? We are going to look at the meaning of this phrase as well as looking at some examples of how it can be used. We are also going to look at where the term came from in the first place.

Body Politic

Body Politic Meaning

The meaning of the term body politic refers to a

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21 Examples of Society – Simplicable

Simplicable Guide

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        posted by John Spacey, October 27, 2018

A society is an enduring social group that demonstrates cooperation, shared values and fellowship. Societies relate to the practical systems, conventions and shared meaning that allow people to live in the same place peacefully and cooperatively. As such, it is not as flexible a concept as a culture or community that can be more dynamically defined. A society is where you live, it is
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