The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Small Business Finance

The Wall Street Journal estimated that the typical small business spends $12 to pay a invoice. Automated tools to retrieve data for you by the use of optical character recognition , allowing you to automatically enter information into your accounting system are here. This expertise is available right now by […]

A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

Angelena Iglesia

U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights DivisionDisability Rights Section February 2020 TABLE OF CONTENTS Americans with Disabilities Act Telecommunications Act Fair Housing Act Air Carrier Access Act Voting Accessibility for the Elderly and Handicapped Act National Voter Registration Act Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act Individuals with Disabilities Education […]

Guide: Citing U.S. Government Publications

Angelena Iglesia

Government documents can be confusing to cite. They can take the form of anything from an informational pamphlet to a Congressional debate and everything in between. Unlike standard publications, these documents do not necessarily follow the pattern of author, title, publisher, date. This guide will try to help you get […]

Political Clip Art Illustrations – Clipart Guide

Angelena Iglesia

ACTIVITY CLIP ARTBeachcombing, Boating, Camping, Dining, Fishing, Gardening, Hiking, Horseshoes, Hunting, Painting, Picnic, Playing, Reading, Riding Horses, Sailing, Shopping, Talking, Walking, AMERICANA CLIP ART4th of July, American Flag, Apple Pie, Baseball, Military, Patriotic, Presidents, Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, Veterans, ANIMAL CLIP ARTBaby Animals, Bears, Bees, Big Cats, Birds, Butterflies, […]