Justice Secretary Robert Buckland denies Boris Johnson set to opt out of major human rights laws

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland has denied Boris Johnson is set to opt out of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Mr Buckland said leaving the Convention would be “wholly wrong” and that the UK Government should instead focus on streamlining its domestic laws.

It comes despite reports the Prime Minister is planning to withdraw from major parts of European

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Access to justice as a human right during pandemic

The global concern during the current pandemic is human rights and their implementation. In this backdrop, the Lawyers and Jurists Foundation organised Digital Dialogue-9 on 11 September, 2020 about access to justice as human rights during pandemic.

The dialogue was commenced by Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission Bangladesh and Professor, Department of Law, Dhaka University. He outlined the concept of access to justice. Further in global perspective, he enunciated and

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Black Adam Justice Society of America Revealed by The Rock

Black Adam as imagined for his DC Fandome panel.

Black Adam as imagined for his DC Fandome panel.
Image: Warner Bros.

While Batmen both new and old are making their way to future movies set in WB’s universe of loosely connected stories based on DC’s comics, another sort of dark, brooding figure is making his way to the big screen in the form of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam.

Though the Black Adam standalone is still a ways off from beginning production, the

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Dwayne Johnson Shows Off the Justice Society

We’re still a long way off from anything close to a proper trailer for “Black Adam” — COVID-19 has after all delayed filming on a ton of movies. But on Saturday during DC FanDome Dwayne Johnson gave fans the next best thing courtesy of a pair of sizzle reels using concept art in which he explained the film’s core concepts and characters.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time,” said Johnson

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UN human rights experts call for justice and accountability in response to Beirut explosion [EN/AR] – Lebanon

GENEVA (13 August 2020) – The colossal deadly explosion in Beirut on 4 August requires a prompt and independent investigation that underscores international human rights obligations, clarifies responsibilities related to the explosion, and leads to justice and accountability, UN human rights experts* said today. They issued the following statement:

“The scale and impact of the lethal explosion are unprecedented. We are deeply concerned about the level of irresponsibility and impunity surrounding human and environmental devastation

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Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson Reveals Justice Society of America

In one of the more impressive virtual displays put on since the pandemic, DC’s Fandome just keeps rolling on, and they brought out all the big guns to hype the upcoming DC slate from The CW to cinemas to HBO Max. And who has bigger guns than Dwayne Johnson, the star and producer of the upcoming Black Adam movie? Johnson headlined and hosted a presentation for Black Adam, fielding fan questions, chatting briefly

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Black Adam is coming for the Justice Society, Dwayne Johnson confirms

It was way back in 2014 that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson first staked his claim on Black Adam, the ruthless, lightning-spewing DC antihero and Shazam antagonist. Now, all these years later, his debut inches ever closer. Johnson swung by the DC FanDome event on Saturday to share a few scant details about the project, specifically in regards to what other DC superheroes you’ll see in the movie.

The Justice Society of America and Black Adam

© Screenshot: DC
The Justice Society of America

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‘Black Adam’ to Debut Justice Society of America, Hawkman and More

One surprise announcement during DC Fandome’s “Black Adam” panel on Saturday was that the Justice Society of America will be introduced in the film. Dwayne Johnson, who is playing the titular Black Adam, was joined by his co-star Noah Centineo, who plays Black Adam’s foe Atom Smasher, to reveal the news.

In an animated tease, Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Cyclone were announced as Atom Smasher’s fellow JSA members that will appear in the film.


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Justice Society Teaser Introduces Hawkman and Dr. Fate in The Rock’s Black Adam

The Justice Society of America will be introduced in the long-awaited Black Adam movie. The news was revealed during today’s DC FanDome event. While the movie has not yet begun production, there was an animated teaser shown off during the panel, which, in addition to Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, included Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher. This is massive news for DC fans in a day that has already presented a ton of huge

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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) | State of California – Department of Justice

Background on the CCPA & the Rulemaking Process

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), enacted in 2018, creates new consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information that is collected by businesses. It also requires the Attorney General to solicit broad public participation and adopt regulations to further the CCPA’s purposes. The proposed regulations would establish procedures to facilitate consumers’ new rights under the CCPA and provide guidance to

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Harvard Law School Criminal Justice Institute

Meminerimus etiam adversus infimos justitiam esse servandam.

Let us remember that justice must be observed even to the lowest.


The Criminal Justice Institute is the curriculum-based criminal law clinical program of Harvard Law School. The mission of the Criminal Justice Institute is to educate Harvard Law School students in becoming effective, ethical and zealous criminal defense lawyer-advocates through practice in representing indigent individuals involved in the Massachusetts court system as well as to research

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Difference between Law and Justice

Key Difference: Laws are actually rules and guidelines that are set up by the social institutions to govern behavior. These laws are made by government officials. Laws must be obeyed by all. Laws set out standards, procedures and principles that must be followed. Justice is a concept that is based on equality, righteousness, ethics, morality, etc. This concept states that all individuals must be treated equal and the same. The term justice is a huge
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Obama’s Justice Dept. feuded with FBI, agents quit as politics played larger role

Acrimony between the FBI and the Justice Department was so bad in the waning days of the Obama administration that some agents quit the bureau in frustration, a former G-man says.

Fractures which began during the tenure of former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. deepened in the later years, and particularly in the run-up to the 2016 president election.

The depths of the antagonism were exposed in an inspector general’s report last week looking

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Department of Law and Justice

Welcome to the department of Law and Justice. This page is dedicated to current and prospective Law and Justice students.

While here you can learn about our programs, careers, our professors, our classes and

just about anything and everything you could ever want to know about the

Law and Justice department, located on the 3rd floor of Farrell Hall. 


 *If you have legal questions, please contact an attorney. The Law and Justice Department is an

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Open Government | State of California – Department of Justice

California law provides the public with access to governmental information and processes. Here you can find information on:

  • Proposed initiatives and ballot measures, including the Attorney General’s 100 word Title and Summary.
  • The Public Records Act, including explanatory materials and how to make a request.
  • Open meeting laws, including publications on the Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act and the Brown Act, which provide public access to meetings of state and local boards and commissions. Meeting notices
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Intimate Justice – Hardcover – Shatema Threadcraft


Intimate Justice

The Black Female Body and the Body Politic

Shatema Threadcraft

Reviews and Awards

Sara A. Whaley Book Prize, National Women’s Studies Association
W.E.B. Du Bois Distinguished Book Award, National Conference of Black Political Scientists
Race and Political Theory Best Book Award, American Political Science Association

“With theoretical sophistication and admirable moral clarity, Intimate Justice reframes what corrective racial justice should entail by taking the deprivation of black women’s intimate capacities as its starting

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