‘The Society’ on Netflix: Reviews, plot, characters, filming locations

When Christopher Keyser, creator of “Party of Five,” took the stage at the Mass Media Expo in November 2018, he was pretty tight-lipped about his new Netflix show, which was filmed in close to a dozen towns in Massachusetts last year, other than to call it a modern-day “Lord of the Flies.”

That show, titled “The Society,” follows a group of teens who suddenly find their wealthy Connecticut town completely devoid of adults. The youngsters must suddenly fend for themselves in a suburban survival of the fittest.

With all 10 episodes of season one debuting on Netflix Friday (the same day that Burlington native Amy Poehler’s directorial debut “Wine Country” hits the streaming site), much has been revealed about Keyser’s show, though plenty of mystery still remains.

What’s “The Society” about?

Without spoiling too much, here’s a breakdown of the show’s early plot: Students of fictional Connecticut suburb West Ham

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