Men loving boys loving men

Men loving boys loving men

Gerald Hannon

The Body Politic, Issue 39, December 1977/January 1978

There’s a painting in the foyer of my YMCA. It’s a dedication portrait, the kind you still expect to see in banks over an “Our Founder” plaque, except that banks have pretty much surrendered to the framed fabric school of interior design. Not so trendy, the YMCA. The ones I know still rely heavily on dark wood veneer and respectable oil paintings like this one of C J Atkinson, “Leader in Boys’ Work.” Or so the dedication reads. It continues: “…here he realized a dream of his young manhood in the building of a community in which boys learned to do by doing.”

He worked with boys, did Mr Atkinson. He cared about them, worried about their welfare, worried more about the ones

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