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People want to escape, and rental companies are listeningThey’re turning the standard 3-night stay into three-month stays — or three-hour stays. Every company under the solar is releasing new safety requirements. This summer season, everyone is getting their toes moist with pool sharingTake a dive into the hottest new trade […]

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A “derby” is a dictionary noun for a race of three-year-old horses. The most famous derby in the United States is the Kentucky Derby, but the word traces its roots to a 1780 race in England. In 2017, the (Louisville)… Mishiyev, a/k/a “DJ Short-e,” is a YouTuber who claims he […]

POLITICS 345 – Political Marketing

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About Political marketing is attracting increasing interest and utility in public and media discussion – see this research matters video on how political marketing helps give voters a voice in elections and Vote Compass. This online resource in political marketing is designed to collate a list of resources for scholars, students […]