Malaysia opposition leader Anwar claims ‘formidable’ majority to form new government

By Joseph Sipalan

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia’s opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim said on Wednesday he has secured a ‘formidable’ majority from lawmakers to oust Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and form a new government, heralding a fresh bout of political drama in the Southeast Asian country.

The power struggle comes at a difficult time for the multi-ethnic nation, as its export driven economy has been badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic. The Malaysian ringgit and

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Ethiopian Opposition Leader Charged With Terrorism, Lawyer Says

(Bloomberg) — Ethiopian authorities charged an opposition party leader and seven other people with terrorism following violent protests that erupted in the capital earlier this year after the killing of a musician.

Eskinder Nega, the leader of the Balderas for Genuine Democracy party, was accused of inciting clashes and seeking to overthrow the government through violent means, according to his lawyer, Henok Aklilu. Four other members of Balderas are among those charged, he said.

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Angelina Jolie’s Lawyer Responds To Brad Pitt’s Opposition To Change Judge In Divorce Case


  • Angelina Jolie’s lawyer said their request to change judge in her and Brad Pitt’s divorce case is for a fair trial
  • Pitt wanted Jolie’s request to change the judge overseeing their divorce be denied
  • Jolie wanted to change the judge because she wasn’t winning the custody battle, one source claimed

Angelina Jolie’s lawyer responds after Brad Pitt’s camp requested that their petition to have a new judge for the ex-couple’s divorce case be

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