OUR STORY We’re fighting a battle, a battle for hearts and minds. A battle for


We’re fighting a battle, a battle for hearts and minds. A battle for ideas and values. And we’re losing.

We can do better.

We’re living in a new media landscape, and people are hungry for a fresh approach. They’re bombarded with more information than ever before. And as a result, they’re turning off, tuning out, and throwing away.

It’s time to rethink the outdated consultancies of political and non-profit campaign advertising. It’s time to get real with the mediocre model that delivers little to no value at expensive, bloated costs. We’re not a consulting firm, we’re a creative collective. And we are flexible, affordable, and local.

At the heart of what we’re good at is a forward-thinking design approach and a compelling message for your campaign. And guess what? We gets results. Historically, guerrilla warfare was fought when regular tactics no longer applied. A smaller army could outthink and outmaneuver a larger, better equipped one through strategy and sheer force of will—and ultimately win.

So in the wake of the 2016 Presidential Election, The Guerrilla Politic was born. We’re a design-informed, strategy-focused, self-driven approach to guerrilla marketing and advertising for Progressive candidate and advocacy campaigns. We engage directly with local talent at the city, district, and state level to make sure the insights and strategy of the campaign message and the spend targets who it matters to most—the voters and donors.

Just like any good guerrilla warrior, you want to outsmart—not outspend—your competition and make sure you leverage every single dollar the best possible way.

Let’s do better.  



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